We are the Swinging Door Between Two Universes


Many years ago, it occurred to me, how unnecessarily encumbered human beings are. This is mainly due to fear. This fear that we all seem to have, to some extent, has a dual nature.

On the one hand, fear is healthy when we use it to protect our selves and those we care about, provided we are honest with our selves (unfortunately, we all fail there to some extent). The universe can be a hostile place, where others have completely different preferences than you and would often cause you grief, or worse, if you were to do something that they, in their own construction of reality, deem contrary to those preferences.

On the other hand, fear is unhealthy when we use it to shield our selves from reality; such that we sit in our dark cave without ever seeing the light, other than the shadows that are cast through the mouth of the cave. This fear based reality protects us from change and from having to fully internalize the nature of reality.

Many of us are taught at a young age that fear-based behavior, is actually VIRTUE and it is the foundation of many forms of indoctrination. Everything from violent parenting to statism survives on the premise that we should all be AFRAID of what would happen if we were free. Consequently, we are never fully allowed to be free, because we OURSELVES are limited by the lack of freedom of those in our world.

Its an interesting problem. We all want to be free; but we are not islands of absolute freedom, except maybe in our own mind, yet we can only be truly free, in the connected part of the world, if many of us will our selves to be free. That is a decision that only we can make our selves. To even get there requires an understanding of the nature of freedom, because there are many concepts that masquerade as freedom; but are in fact little more than fear dressed up as freedom.

We are each like our own little universe, endless and expansive. The “world” is where these universes meet. As the zen buddhists would say, our “self” is a swinging door between the internal and the external.

Human beings are faced, each day, with the dual nature of self aware consciousness. This is because they exist, as a swinging door between two connected universes, as a gatekeeper of sorts.

In the internal universe, there exists an infinite expanse, created by the mind and shaped by the unique experience one has, of the two universes.

In the external universe, there exists an infinite expanse, created by a combination of nature and the minds of others. Living entities are helping to create reality for one another, as they project their intent into these universes.

Each being controls the flow of energy and information, between the two universes. This is their power and this is their unique privilege.

Each being has exclusive access to, and control of, a gateway between worlds, that exists nowhere else, in all of creation. So when we look into the eyes of another being, we are, in that instant, peering into a universe that can be accused only through the mind of that particular entity.

It is commonly thought, that the material world is the only real world and that all of existence can be explained by material phenomena. It is also commonly thought, that the psychic world is the only real world and that all of existence can be explained by psychic phenomena.

It seems as if the reality is that both phenomena are inseparably intertwined. The physical world acts as a sort of network backbone, through which all of the psychic worlds may interact efficiently.

The physical planet is the island on which the particular psychic entity lives temporarily. There may well be many different kinds of physical existences, each with different properties; but they all likely serve a similar purpose. They provide a framework through which conscious beings may interact, locally, with a subset of the conscious beings that currently exist.

Beings ebb into this world and find themselves having to intuit, for themselves, the meaning and purpose of their existence. The vast majority, turn to preexisting systems of thought and use these, often dogmatically, as their framework for how to behave and what to think. Though relatively rare, new frameworks emerge from time to time.

These mutations in consciousness have the potential, to profoundly change the way beings experience and interact with their reality. In this potential is the promise of undreamt of levels of freedom, connection and realization of our higher intent.

The real master, in this game of existence, is the master first of their self, of their intent. Both how to realize this intent and how to discern which intent they are to express.

Its exciting to think that this is what lay here before us, while dismaying to think of how much work we have to do; but would you have it any other way? Without some obstacles to overcome, there would be no reason to “be”, so one can hope that we continue to experience these challenges, that we meet them with the fullness of our being and that we overcome each obstacle and achieve greater levels of being in the process.

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