For Me Too Be Free, You Too Must Be Free

Much has been said about freedom, over the many generations.  Many have theorized and speculated on how greater levels of freedom can be achieved and how not to achieve greater levels of freedom.

I have found one aspect to be true in all of the well constructed ideas.  Freedom comes from within; but it also comes from without.  It’s a feedback loop that builds up momentum as it changes.

We can attempt to be free internally; but there will always be limitations from the world around us, based on where the people in your life are, in their own journey.

So it is not an entirely internal creation, nor is it an entirely external creation.  We can’t expect to meditate in the corner to become free, nor can we expect that ignoring self cultivation and focusing purely on the outside world will free us. We have to combine these efforts, in the proper balance, to become free.

I will unlock the doors on my cage and I hope that you will too; because the doors of your cage are immediately adjacent to the doors on my cage and I can’t get very far without you.

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  1. Dina said on May 16th, 2017 at 1:08 pm:

    Shoot, so that’s that one suspesop.

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