Genuine Freedom Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Freedom is a multifaceted concept and tends to be a bit different for everyone. This is free will we’re talking about, after all. Nonetheless, a common thread is that it always takes consistent application of time, effort and intent to achieve genuine freedom. Fall short in any of these areas and your results will be disappointing, to say the least.

Because of this, it is really important that we have our mind/body/spirit complex in optimal condition. We have to optimize our diet, our state of mind, our lifestyle in general and our relationship to the world around us. As we do this, we create an environment conducive to growth and change.

Becoming more free, is something that happens on a sliding scale. We gain or lose a little ground each and every day. Our work is never done. The freer we become, the more able we are to make further increases in our level of freedom.

The deeper realization to be had is that, awareness and self mastery are the wellspring from which freedom enters our lives.

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