#22 Thoughts on Treating/Preventing Cancer Under a Medical Cartel System

Cancer is tricky to understand, prevent and treat in a system perverted by a coercive medical cartel, backed by the state, intellectual property laws and restrictions on what treatments can be used or experimented with.

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One thought on “#22 Thoughts on Treating/Preventing Cancer Under a Medical Cartel System”

  1. One example is a natural concoction of herbs called Essiac, created by nurse Rene Caisse in Canada in the 1920?s. Another is an herbal cure created by Harry Hoxsey, who funded clinics in 17 states before they were all closed down by the FDA in the late 1950′s.. The reason why the government goes around shutting down cures for illness is because they need people to be constantly “searching” for a cure, thus creating jobs for the doctors, and the more and more sick people to “treat” the increase of GDP, which accounts for “the goods and services being sold”in this case “treating the illness” the government and the world has been fooled in believing “the money sequence of value” runs parallel with “the life sequence of value” which of course is a complete miss conception. Tell me how the increase of people getting sick and dying, needing care and cures,(aka services and goods) translates to the increase of quality in peoples lives?? You can’t, because it doesn’t. GDP does not correlate the standard of peoples lives!! The health care system accounts for approx 15% of the GDP of a 1st world country GDP,and it is in the governments interests to for this % to increase.The GDP does NOT reflect the social health of a society on any real level.

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