#23 Solving Many Problems at Once with Small Changes

We often like to think of our problems as insurmountable; but when a bit of lateral thinking comes into play, we often find that there are excellent ways of eliminating many of our problems, often at once. Perhaps there is something we haven’t thought of yet, which could be changed, to eliminate several of our problems at once; it may be something simple even which has mostly up-side potential.

This kind of lateral thinking is important in gaining an edge in life. The in box thinking is usually non thinking and leads you to have the same kinds of problems that perpetually seem to plague most everyone else.

Late May 2013 Garden Update

Many of the beds are now double dug and planted, also the pots are planted. We’re a little behind; but have made it in time to take advantage of most of the post-frost growing season. This is our first year trying grow biointensive gardening. We still have alot to learn about biointensive; but I think we’re on the right track to experience significant improvements from what we know already.

Dr. Mercola Interviews Chris Kresser on Heart Disease, Cholesterol and Fat

I suspect that if you get your health information from your average doctor or media source; that most of what you think you “know” about heart disease, fat and cholesterol is wrong. This is a very well done summary of why and what you can start to look into, to understand this better. Its amazing to me that a profession so important as medicine is unable to even adapt to the scientific information available to it.