Today I Was Robbed on the Highway


Robbed by a Statist in a Fancy Costume

I was driving along the Interstate today, on my way to a Yoga class, when I noticed a Statist in a fancy costume on the side of the road. He had his car, decked out in symbology, parked at a weird angle on the shoulder of the road and he was standing about 20 feet off the road in the grass. He appeared to have coerced another driver into pulling over and likely robbed them, as is their custom. The whole situation looked a bit peculiar.

I went on my way, as there was nothing I could do about the situation. Then I looked in my mirror and saw that statist with its coercion lights on and closing in on me. Sure enough, that was his purpose. He had apparently run all the way back to his car and sped down the road to coerce me.

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#015 Thoughts on Religion, Spirituality, Belief and Science

I was visited today by some Jehovahs Wittnesses and it helped to stir up some old thoughts about religion and what its like to deal with the topic and the issues surrounding it. In this video I discuss my stance on religious zealots and then get into my own individual stance on religion, philosophy and spirituality.

The Bomb in the Brain: The True Roots of Human Violence

The real root of human violence, is not the lack of central planning, state control and laws. The real root, is the use of violence to solve problems. Its particularly bad when violence is used by parents against their children.

That’s why violence always achieves the opposite of the intended effect. Violence begets violence; therefore centralizing power in the hands of the state will simply result in more violence and a lower quality of life for everyone (except the parasites who benefit from violence).

The physical, emotional and medical effects of child abuse. You cannot understand or oppose the violence of the world without understanding its true source…