If we got rid of public schools, the flood gates of innovation would be opened up and an entire ecosystem of options could emerge. I think it would be better for everyone, for parents, teachers and students. It would be especially good for people who are tired of paying property taxes into a black hole and those being forced to pay to educate other people’s kids, as well as those who’s kids have already grown.

Recorded on 12/13/2012

In the long-run, we are going to have to find a different way of educating people in our society. Home schooling can work as a temporary alternative; but it is still immoral to take people’s money through taxes, to pay for services they may or may not use.

If someone is going to be using a service, they should simply pay for the services they use. When you compound onto that, the inefficiencies of the state, in providing services efficiently and at a reasonable price, along with the overhead of maintaining a coercive system to ensure compliance, its a no brainer.

People could be educated for a fraction of the price of a public system, half if not less the cost. Even more importantly, turning education into a free market would allow entrepreneurs to experiment and find new ways of meeting the challenges we all face in getting the best education. This is simply not going to happen in a public system. There are too many organizations involved, too many vested interests, to actually be agile enough to change things in any meaningful way.

The bottom line is, we’ve simply got to abolish public schools, then everyone will be better off, the cost to society will be far less, the number of options will go up exponentially and more intelligent independent entrepreneurial thinkers will enter the marketplace, enhancing the economy and the standard of living.

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