The “Feast or Famine” Personality Type

I have always found it peculiar, the way certain personality types manage their money. Have you ever noticed that there is this reactionary “feast or famine” personality type, who has very poor understanding of economics and poor planning abilities; when they have extra money, be it a little or alot, they blow it on bullshit and don’t save.

The flip side is, when they fall on hard times, they have nothing to fall back on, because they’ve spent it all. What’s worse, is they get a bunch of unnecessary recurring expenses which compound the problem.

To further compound the problem, the “reactionary” side of their personality causes them to overreact to problems when they occur, so they then waste time and resources that need not be wasted to “over-solve” a problem. In the process of all this, they’ve been so distracted by their volatile reactionary nature, that new problems have cropped up unbeknownst to them.

Rich or poor, doesn’t matter in this case. The rich guy just takes vacations overseas, buys himself fancy cars and has more epic overreactions. The poor guy just does it on a smaller scale. Its not necessarily about the amount of resources you have, its about how you use them.

Still, I wouldn’t expect someone who is wealthy, who does this, to keep much of that wealth. They feasted when times were good; but had nothing left over for bad times. Tough shit for them, eh?

New VLOG Coming Soon: Anarchist/Voluntaryist FAQ

Ok, I had a bout of inspiration as I woke up today. I had been a bit torn on what I would do as one of my first “full fledged” vlogs (with the new mic, backdrop, mixer, webcam, etc).

The topic of the vlog is going to be, “Anarchism/Voluntarism FAQ”. In this VLOG, I intend to answer many of the questions I often get, the easy questions and especially the tough questions. Feel free to add your question here and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll do some research; but it WILL be answered. Continue reading New VLOG Coming Soon: Anarchist/Voluntaryist FAQ

#8 Some Initial Thoughts on Unschooling

A recent free domain radio podcast with Stefan Molyneux and Dayna Martin got me thinking about unschooling.  I was already well aware of the topic of homeschooling; but unschooling takes homeschooling to a new level.  I believe unschooling is actually the application of the non-aggression principle in the homeschooling environment.

Here is MyStrangeMind Podcast #8, an informal podcast about my thoughts on unschooling, discussed as I play with my little boy Teagan.

Obama’s War Crimes – An Interview with David Lindorff about Omar Khadr

If someone initiates force against you, you DO have the right to defend yourself. Governments don’t like this, since they are one of the principle organizations initiating force. They want their agents (aka soldiers) to be able to initiate force, without people defending themselves against their aggression.

If you have trouble understanding this, think about how you would behave, or how you would like to *think* you’d behave, if someone like China invaded the US. You’d like to think that you would defend yourself against the invaders.Most likely, though, being as many of the people in the US are domesticated and trained to worship “might”; I doubt that most people would do anything if invaded.