I still remember, as if it were yesterday, the coincidence that happened while listening to this fiery song. Was driving down the highway on a road trip from Atlanta. Listening to this album, that we had just picked up during the trip.

All of the sudden, we see in the middle of the road, a massive semi-truck engulfed in a ball of flame. What a sight it was. It took control of anyone within a half a mile. People were dumbfounded and pulled over to watch it.

by Jarboe

In the interim of temporary defeat…
I am not in flame mode

I will destroy what tries to damage me Again…

know how I live by a third of my Full force and Will.
In order to not threaten
mere mortals…

Don’t worry.
I am of beast nature after all
And I have let
it out of its cage.

Even death means Nothing.

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