Paul LaViolette Interviewed on Radiorbit

This is an interview with maverick scientist Dr. Paul LaViolette on; the interview was originally recorded on January 30, 2006.  In the interview they discuss Dr. LaViolette’s theories about galactic core explosions, Sub-Quantum Kinetics, pulsars, exo-politics and alternative views to the prevailing views of mainstream physics and cosmology.

I have long appreciated Paul LaViolette’s unique perspective on science, history and metaphysics.  He has an extremely well integrated set of theories, where he is able to combine hard observable science, clues from mythology and metaphysics; to synthesize his groundbreaking theories.  Paul’s theories make sense, both to my intellect and to my intuition, where their counterparts in conventional science often leave me scratching my head, wondering how the universe could really be as they describe.

Dr. Paul LaViolette Interview on Radiorbit: Listen to the Full Show/Interview 2:46 (mp3)

Here is an abbreviated version of the interview, strung together as a YouTube playlist.

I have compiled a semantic body of information on Paul LaViolette via PearlTrees, which you can access here.  In this resource I have compiled all of the interviews, videos and other information I have been able to locate.

Paul LaViolette in Alternative History / Independent Perspectives – Videos/Articles

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