Mo Brooks: Police State Endorsing Lawyer Scum

Saw the following posted recently about an exchange between Mo Brooks and a local liberty activist, the CONgressman is from my district in North Alabama. I have also written to Mo Brooks and received the same kind of crap in response. It looks like this Mo Brooks character is typical sellout lawyer scum.

Hopefully we can oust him in the primaries next time around.


I went to the political get together at the Melting Pot at 5:00 today and Confronted Mo Brooks on why he supported the extension of the Patriot act. Here are my notes from the event:

Mike Ball and Mo Brooks will be at the Holiday Inn in Madison tomorrow (14 May) to speak at the Republican meeting there. The meeting will start with a social at 8:00 and presentation at 9:00. Anyone who wants to ask Mike Ball about why he supports Forever Wild (with its private hunting lodge for state congressmen), or Mo Brooks as to why he supports increasing the debt ceiling or extending the Patriot act can approach them then.

Here is how the conversation went on extending the Patriot Act:

Mo, can you tell me why you supported extending the Patriot Act

I did it to prevent a terrorist nuclear attack on the US. I haven’t seen any data or specifics that indicate that there is a problem with the Act. There is oversight and I have heard of no problems.

Mo, there have been thousands of people that have been monitored and spied upon without a court order, there is no judicial oversight. The vast majority of requests to spy on people are rubber stamped without due cause.

Have you ever heard of anyone being hurt by this? I haven’t.

Mo, people are issued National Security Letters (over 190,000 requests from 2003-2006) that gag them so there cannot be any media coverage of any abuses. If they try to talk to anyone they will be put in prison. Also, under the Patriot act anyone can be imprisoned for an indeterminate time without due process and denied an attorney to represent them.

Someone would have said something if there was a problem.

Mo, that’s what I was saying, people cannot say anything because if they do they can go to prison.

Mo was visibly disturbed that I should question him and it was obvious to me that he did not want to hear any facts that would be contrary to his stance on the issue.

At that point Mo accidentally spilled a drop of chocolate on his shirt, he excused himself to clean his shirt. He stayed at the bar for 3-5 minutes cleaning his shirt, and then he disappeared. After about 20 minutes I figured he was not coming back and I left.

Later he spoke to George and offered to meet George for lunch. I talked to George and I might go with him to continue the conversation. We will see.

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