Why So Passive Aggressive, When It Comes to Real Change?

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

-Albert Einstein

I’ve always been somewhat vocal about my views on just about anything important to me.  The way I see it, if you believe something is important and you have something to say about it; you may as well get it out there; else you’re just committing intellectual suicide.

I don’t worry much anymore about what others think of me for being who I am; because being who I am is much more important than what they think of me.  In fact, if I had spent much of my efforts in recent years worrying what other people think, trying to be popular, it’s likely I wouldn’t have accomplished much of anything at all aside from being a selfish, intellectually lazy, ego-centric, attention-whore; which is generally what the really popular people are, though they’ll never admit it.

As you may imagine, this means I’m often not the most favored person; but the people who really do appreciate me for who I am, form a lasting mutual bond that is virtually impenetrable.  Because there still are some people out there who appreciate intellectual honesty and despise the kind of mundane conformity that has gripped so many in it’s clutches.

One thing I notice about most people I come across these days, is they don’t really have much, in the way of their own unique viewpoints.  If you happen to have a unique viewpoint, they really don’t want to hear it.  They’ll either pretend they are listening and have absolutely nothing to say about it, or they will flat out ignore you once they realize that you have a viewpoint that they don’t agree with.  It seems to me as if they’re so afraid to have a real discussion about something, where there might be differences of opinion and the possibility that their own views may become vulnerable; that they’d rather steer clear of it altogether.

That’s the way most of the places/groups one can go to, in order to socialize have become.  You’re expected to just sit down, play the game and not say anything too controversial or “out of the box.”  If you do, then many people will start to isolate you and ignore you. If that’s the way so-called communication is supposed to place, then who the hell needs it!

If the new definition of communication is to have watered down conversations in which everyone focuses on the same old same old talking points and nothing new is ventured into; then it isn’t really communication at all.  We may as well just go to our coffee houses, sip on caffeine and make beeping noises at one another.

It’s just frustrating to have so many people in this world, yet so few who really want to try new ways of seeing things and doing things.  Is it any wonder why the years keep on passing, the problems keep mounting and not much of anything seems to get done about it.

What I’d love to see, is for more of us to be willing to really engage one another in discussions of things that really have the potential to bring about grass-roots changes in the world.  If someone has an opinion that is different than yours, discuss it in great detail so you can at least understand it; don’t just slam the door on them.

When you slam the door to communication, because you don’t want to have an uncomfortable discussion; then you’re just missing another opportunity to create meaningful change.  We can’t really afford to do that anymore, can we?  Let’s stop this bullshitting and time wasting, so we can get down to business; because I for one am not going to just sit around twiddling my thumbs while the world comes crashing down from all sides.

2 Responses to “Why So Passive Aggressive, When It Comes to Real Change?”

  1. Ally said on September 24th, 2010 at 12:35 pm:

    I feel about the same as you on this subject. I have long ago put aside the idea of caring what others think of me, only insofar that it might help me get a better job (which right now, I need), but beyond that, no.

    There are tons of sensible alternatives to everything we do. It’s just that most people, crippled by the increasingly lazy mentality of the society around them, don’t want to bother entertaining them. They might somehow realize the good they might do, but changing from using the things already in place to actually having to work to make these more efficient things possible, seems like just too much of a chore.

    “Oh, but what we have works just fine right now. Plus, I’m too busy with other things to have time to think of changing anything, you know?” Is what most people say.

    I cannot abide by a world who won’t entertain all possibilities in order to the find the most sensible and least harmful approaches to things. You look hard enough at the world around you, you will see the best ways for everything.

    Now, to avoid seeming a hypocrite, I will admit to not doing much of anything about it myself, either. Why? I am in a living position in which I do not own the house I am staying in, I have very little in terms of money after bills are all said and done and I am trying to save money, so that I can get out of this situation and into one that I prefer. I am not dumb enough to think I can go my own way 100% against society’s grain without consequences, so, for the time being, I am working and using them to my advantage with a goal in mind.

    I wish I could say most people I meet have similar goals or even goals that are in any way not impacted by a brainwashing social structure, made to conform, but sadly, this is not true and I am no longer going to waste breath trying to tell them otherwise.

  2. Chris said on September 27th, 2010 at 1:17 pm:


    You should come to the Reader’s Guild.


    It is not perfect, but it is a respectable attempt at just the sort of informed discussion you seem to be wanting.

    Best wishes,

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