Is it My Duty as an American to Help Freeloaders Obtain Health Care?

I would like to thank the leftists for giving us all “universal” health care.  Basically services that we are going to be forced to buy, else pay a penalty on our IRS tax return.  I haven’t even been to an allopathic “doctor” for my health in about 10 years; so despite the fact that I might not want to take part in that system at all someday, these extortionists are going to force me to have insurance; and not just any insurance, the insurance that the government says is okay.

The way a republic like ours is supposed to function is: you are allowed to do whatever you please, so long as it doesn’t violate the inalienable rights of another individual.  The government is supposed to exist in order to protect those inalienable rights as their soul function.  The people of a nation are supposed to keep their government in line by demanding that those rights be protected above all else.

This healthcare bill infringes on my rights to choose where and how my money is spent and how I manage my health.  What if I decide I don’t want insurance someday down the line?  Let’s say I’m a self-employed health conscious individual who only needs coverage in the event I get hit by a truck and have to get put back together.  I might want a health savings account and a high deductible policy; but the government must first approve any selection or I will be forced to pay penalties out of my salary.

Look, if you can’t get affordable health coverage, I’m sorry; but you need to realize that the government involvement in the health care system is a great deal of why it is so expensive already.  Around half of all of the money spent on healthcare comes from the government; this drives up the prices for everyone.   Its the same with education and all of the government money pumped into that system on a continuous basis.

If you don’t really understand the deeper effects of how markets work; then I can see how it looks like a good idea.  You think that the so-called “free market” doesn’t work for health care; but you don’t realize that we don’t really have much of a free market here; the government has all but taken over the system and look what the results where.  What we’re looking at is a problem that government helped create and more government control is not going to magically solve it.

Personally, I am covered by an insurance plan via my employer; but I rarely use it for myself.  I can accomplish most of my health care with diet, nutrition, exercise, herbs and an inquisitive mind.  I don’t want your health care and I do everything in my power to not need it.

There are a great many people who need the health care, primarily because they are mostly unaware of their unhealthy lifestyle habits.  I’m sorry to say it; but if you drink soda and eat processed junk all day you are going to have health problems; I don’t see why it should be my responsibility to bail you out when you are made to face the consequences of bad decisions.

One thing that we have to realize as a collective is that there needs to be risk.  Risk motivates people to be more aware; because they know they must avert that risk.  People are always calling on the government to protect us from risk by spreading that risk out over the collective; but all this really does is make us a weaker society because people make worse decisions when they don’t have to be concerned with risk.  It also penalizes productivity because a fair chunk of society freeloads on the back of the socialized risk machine without contributing meaningfully.

We need to make some drastic changes in the direction our society is going.  Less health freedoms are not going to make us any healthier; it will just encourage people to be lazy and freeload on the system.  It will also limit the options of people who are mindful and want to use alternative treatments; because being extorted into paying for “care” lessens the amount of money for alternative treatments.

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  1. Andrew said on March 19th, 2010 at 10:02 pm:

    I agree with the majority of your arguments. I agree that most illnesses are preventable. I agree that most people see a doctor far more than needed if they pay attention to nutrition, exercise, and do some research (the human body is built to survive w/o the aids of most drugs/treatment.) I agree that without consequences people don’t make the best choices.

    But what about the things you can’t prevent or correct with nutrition and exercise. What if you got laid off and then before you were able to acquire a new job you were diagnosed with cancer? Or if you were in an accident that you were seriously injured? It seems to me like we need something to protect certain things that aren’t currently covered.

    More than 60% of all bankruptcies are prompted by mdical bills ( That seems like a problem. I think almost everyone can agree that we need health care reform. The problem is agreeing on the type of reform.

    If you don’t require people to get health care, then they end up in the emergency room, getting care for things that could have been preventable and would have cost far less if treated with preventative care (nutrition/exercise/etc.) Guess who is probably going to end up fitting the bill for that visit if the person is uninsured? Everyone. This is one of the reasons health care costs are so high.

    What do you think the solution is to the huge bankruptcy issues? The sky rocketing health care costs?

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