How Taxation Enslaves Society

Those of you who think government is here to “solve problems” and is therefore justified in the ever-increasing amount of tax they levy on productive individuals should listen to this podcast.

In the United States of America HALF of all of the people work for the government in one way or another. In addition to that, 30 million do jack squat, drawing on welfare and being non-productive. That leaves less than half of us to do all of the productive work and have a fair chunk of that taken by non-productive individuals in the government and welfare/warfare system.

If you add up, just part of the taxes, over half of your money is taken via direct taxation, especially when you factor in the fact that half of the social security tax is hidden by being a “match” from your employer.

Do you want to know what to do about this? I can tell you this, the answer isn’t in waiting for something to happen or someone else to do something. There are hundreds of ways you can improve your lot in life and avoid tax.

Listen to this podcast for an explanation and some ideas that you may not have thought of yet.

Do yourself and your society a favor and minimize your contribution to the welfare/warfare state by:

  • Pay off debts
  • Growing and preparing more of your own food
  • Using less energy
  • Bartering and trading instead of buying everything new and throwing useful items away
  • Building and repairing things yourself

It all comes down to churning less dollars through the system; because the system thrives off of dollar activity.  If you take your money and employ it in a productive way, then you are generating new wealth for yourself.  If you instead took that money and bought a ready-made solution, then you are spending excessive money and feeding the system.

Gardening is a great example of this.  If done properly, you can spend a few hundred dollars getting a garden ready and maintaining it; this garden will feed you for as long as you take care of it; however, if you just bought all of that food off of the shelf at the supermarket, you would pay much more for it, it would be taxed in countless ways and the quality would not be as good.

If you learn how to be more self-sufficient, then you become exponentially more wealthy; because you have more abundance around you and you require less to survive; so you potentially have more time and money as a result.

Episode-379- How Taxation Enslaves Society

The Survival Podcast

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Today we discuss taxation from the view of the modern survivalist. We examine the non partisan truth of taxation, the reality that the only constant in taxes for over 100 years is more taxation which have created more spending. We now have an unsustainable government and that government has created sustainable poverty.

The long term consequences of this system are easy to see, understand and if we are not careful feel overwhelmed by. I am here today to tell you that you are not controlled by the system, it is you and your fellow American’s that power the system. Unlike a battery though you control your power, where is focused, home much is used etc.

The reality is we are our own solutions and it is only by first changing ourselves that we can ever hope to change our system. Tune in today for the horrible truth about taxation and the empowering reality of your ability to control it.

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