On the Narcissism of Obama’s Most Fanatical Supporters

One of the attributes shared by many of Barrack Obama’s more fanatical supporters, is an acute form of Narcissism. It seems as if they enjoy Obama’s presidency so much, because he reflects the same kinds of personality disorders that are endemic in the supporters’ own minds.

The problem these individuals face, is the fact that neither Obama, nor his supporters, seem to realize what the administration’s policies may do to the country, if fully implemented. For the most part, they are not genuinely interested in hearing what anyone else has to say either, if it isn’t directly supporting the administration’s stance.

In fact, many of these supporters are unaware of the details of Obama’s policies; often they may not know more than the title of the bill, the abstract or some sound bytes they heard via the media. As anyone who has actually read bills knows, these tidbits rarely convey the true nature of the meaning and scope of a proposed bill.

It seems as if one of the main attractions to Obama is his rhetoric and his personality. Certain types of people are attracted to him like a magnet, regardless of the implications of his policy agenda. Some of them even admit that his policies don’t matter, and all that really matters is his “leadership.” This is one of the most fatally flawed viewpoints I can imagine driving an executive’s support base.

If a leader is a “good leader,” but lacks sound principle and policy, then the most likely outcome of such a situation is dis-aster; because such a leader would posses the charisma to steer the populace in a wholly disastrous direction and lacking principle, would not hesitate to do so.

The term “Narcissism” describes the trait of excessive self-love based on self-image or ego. Often this disorder is characterized by vanity, conceit, egotism or simple selfishness. This is the perfect word to describe many of these Obama supporters; to them, Obama is “their leader” and they take it personally when anyone has a problem with Obama or his policies, as if it were a rejection their own self.

They seem to think that, if you have a problem with the administration’s policies, you simply are a “sore loser”, are some sort of establishment lackey here to thwart the policy of “change you can believe in” or you are just a nut for thinking that Obama’s goals are anything but admirable.

Obama’s supporters and even his own staff, are keen on portraying anyone who is critical of his policies, particularly the “health care” reform policies, one of their primary objectives for the first term, as if their concerns aren’t real and their movement is fake or “astroturf” as many ardent Leftists have labeled the opposition movement.

Indeed many American’s are, quite understandably, concerned about the barrage of legislation which the administration is keen on ramming through the Congress. If the legislation is so great for the American people, then what is the rush to implement it, without careful consideration. After all, this is the same kind of tactic which was used to ram the Patriot Act through; and we all know what happened to our liberty after this was done.

In the case of the Cap and Trade bill, why was a 300+ page amendment added during the dead of night; just before the House vote, such that very few people even had the time or resources to read it prior to voting? Despite all of these strong-arm tactics, many Democrats turned on their own party and voted against the Cap and Trade bill. If the bill really was about “clean air” and not about taxing and regulating the American public, at all socio-economic levels (not just the affluent), then it probably would have easily passed; but instead it passed by a narrow margin.

For an administration who was elected on a platform of openness and restraint; they are using some rather extreme tactics to push their legislation through Congress. Why is it necessary to use such extreme strong-arm tactics, when you control the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate?

There are plenty of examples where the state moving into medicine have gone horribly wrong, yet the supporters of “Obama Care” are not interested in learning about the history of such movements. In fact, in Canada, the socialized medicine movement started as an optional plan; then it later became illegal to practice private medicine in Canada. In the British experiment, their plan created massive amounts of bureaucracy and expense; while private health insurance wasn’t made illegal, it did end up putting many of the insurers out of business and forcing prices much higher, to where only the very wealthy could afford it.

The Obama fanatics, none the less, are not interested in these complications. They simply know there is a “need for health care reform”; but they aren’t really concerned with how it will play out over the long-term.

The biggest reality check that these people will face, is the degradation of the economy in the face of record deficits. It takes a real narcissist to support massive amounts of spending, when foreigners are curtailing their purchases of American debt and unemployment is skyrocketing to the highest levels since the depression.

If someone wishes to do something new, but they are unable to pay for it, yet they still stubbornly insist on doing it; then they are likely suffering from a psychotic disorder. When you couple this with the fact that these policies have the potential to adversely affect the entire society; then this disorder is actually psychopathic in nature.

Let us hope that Obama’s proposed policies can be discussed and seen for what they are before they are passed and signed into law. If this scrutiny fails to occur, then United States of America will be forever changed in ways that may not be easily undone for many generations to come.

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