Accepting: Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously

One of the things has become apparent to me, over the past year or so, is how we often take ourselves and our world views too seriously.  This tends to be especially true when the notion of “spirituality” is involved.   It is certainly important to do what we feel is best, but it needs to be done with the humility of knowing that there are other ways that are equally as valid and a willingness to understand why everyone approaches life in their own way.

As important as spirituality is, it is equally as important to realize that acceptance of diversity is also an important part of spiritual growth.  After all, if we were all the same, there wouldn’t be much of an opportunity to grow and learn.  When we try to shut out the things that we refuse to accept, we are in effect, limiting our expressive capacity.

So-often spiritual seekers get the idea that they know something that nobody else knows, which in turn makes almost everyone else an outsider.  This means that the “outsiders” will not be truly accepted until they acquiesce to the beliefs of the supposed seeker.  Therein lies the seeds of divisiveness that have plagued this planet for thousands of years.

Experiences in my life have lead me towards a more light-hearted approach than I had previously embraced.  I have begun to accept that people are the way they are because they need to learn what it is like to exist in that particular configuration.

So we simply express ourselves based upon where we are in our journey and life then gives us what we need, so we can learn the lessons that someone in that phase of existence needs to learn.  If this is really is the case, then there really is no reason to make everyone like our selves; because to do so would likely delay their progression.

Each of us fits perfectly into the tapestry of life.  We grow or decay as we see fit.  The universe has a set of wonderful mechanisms to balance and sort things out.  Nobody needs to be made to do anything, since everything is at its finest spontaneously.  That is the beauty of the whole thing; treat masterpieces are coming together without effort.

I was laying down today, letting the thoughts stream through my mind.  There were two internal forces vying for control of my intention.  One of the forces sought to judge and label what I saw, while the other force sought merely to experience it and accept it as part of the infinite whole.

When I made a conscious decision to embrace the accepting force, ecstatic waves of comfort and beauty flowed through my being, lulling me into deeper and deeper levels of lucid experience.  I would much rather have more of this sort of experience, as I have grown weary of experiencing the stagnant and limited energy that is otherwise present.

<i>”Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost… Nothing is wrong…. Everything is on track” ~Terrence McKenna</i>

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