We Manifest Our Reality

The universe has a purpose, though its not what you may have been sold. It simply gives us what we ask for, while the rest has been left, for each of us to decide. If we should choose to fear, then that is what we will be given, until we achieve the destruction that we so woefully fear. But if we should choose to love, then that is what we will be given, until we achieve the creation that we so ardently love.

Whatever we decide to make our focus, will manifest itself in the myriad things around us, so long as we choose to maintain such a focus. We are much more than simple passengers, along for a boring ride into a certain fate. No, we are powerful too, co-creators, gods in our own right; as powerful as any being who ever lived.

The only thing that can be our un-doing, is that which is of our own choosing. Not some wrathful God who judges its creation from afar, like an angry father with his charged rod of iron, with a mighty white beard, he throws an spiteful bolt, at whatever he fears, to prevent it from becoming something on its own that he cannot control, like robotic mindless servants.

Just look at any “organized” form of religion and you will plainly see, that they are selling the same damn thing. Could it be any more awfully obscene? To see these learned men peddling infantile fears, preaching annihilation towards all who refuse to submit themselves blindly.

It doesn’t matter what they call it, what rituals they pursue, or how many followers they have saved, from the evil scourge self-hood. Evil to these men is deviation, from the organizations on which the followers depend.

Surely, they say, this trend towards individuation, will someday be our annihilation. So we must rid our selves of the spark to create; and fear anything that we haven’t been shown by the bearers of the stamp of approval.

Simply reduce it to its components, and it will be evident that their tactics are quite simple, when you look beyond the facade of virtue and righteousness. Virtually every manner of group-think is based upon the fear of annihilation and self-punishing guilt. Without these two techniques, these awful organizations will have no base of followers, no-one would seek their shelter.

They lure you in, with a false sense of security, then they transform you into precisely that which you fear. Because without this paradigm, they have created, you will be certain to experience the annihilation that you so fear.

So it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Since their control paradigm is weak and riddled with holes, it will one day collapse, leaving you exposed. Since you chose to believe, that without fear as your only master, that you shall truly perish, vanishing into the void, then that is what you shall have whenever the fateful day arrives. This focus on annihilation will manifest itself as you so desire.

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  1. the owl said on September 8th, 2008 at 9:00 pm:

    They may lure us in, but ultimately, too, we have chosen to be lured… As long as “they” can get away with it IS as long as we let them.

    It’s true, fear is a self fulfilling prophecy of doom for those who choose to focus on their end. However, all living things must die someday so what is there to fear of the end?

    When we choose to focus on the things we have NOW in our lives, not what we may or may not have in the future, or what we once had in the past, life becomes much more important than to live it our life in fear.

    The lessons we have learned through how ever many years of experience we each have is very important, but only for those of us who have experienced and learned from these events with our eyes open to our choice in the matter, taking responsibility for those choices out of love for ourselves, our friends, and our families…. as well as the world and all of existence.

    It’s amazing that we even have a chance to do anything — to survive or to parish.

    When we can truly see this with our hearts it seems almost impossible to live in fear anymore. When fear does come up, it’s easily parried and replaced by the love existence, of freedom and free will in the matter.

    The only person who has the power to enslave us, punish us, or destroy us is our own self.

    Even still nothing is lost.

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