Lindsey Williams at Q2 Conference (2006)

Back in 2006, Lindsey Williams addressed the Q2 conference in Cancun, Mexico, regarding a variety of important matters. He discussed the so-called “energy crisis”, the coming hyper-inflation, and the methods by-which the wealthy control the financial system.

He started by discussing his book The Energy Non-Crisis, a book that he wrote, based upon his experiences as chaplain on the trans-Alaska oil pipeline.

During his time in Alaska, Lindsey Williams learned that there is a massive supply of oil at Prudhoe Bay, on the North Slope of Alaska. Enough oil to drop the price of gasoline at the gas pump significantly.

Williams also learned that the Government of the United States refused to allow this oil to enter the markets, when it learned of the Prudhoe Bay find.

Pumping the oil out of the North Slope was banned because, if the USA had cheap and plentiful oil, the oil producing nations would no-longer have a reason to purchase US treasury securities. Also it would lower the profit margin for the oil cartels.

Cheap oil would cause the US Dollar to quickly collapse, since the ties between the united States of America and these nations would effectively be severed. This will happen anyways, however, since wall-street has effectively lost its strangle-hold on the oil market, with the waning of the petro-dollar and the rise of the petro-euro.

During his speech, back in 2006, he predicted oil at over $130/bbl and gold at $1000, both of which we are seeing today. Indeed, Lindsey Williams has demonstrated, time and again, that his information is valid and credible.

A great deal can be learned from this man’s books and lectures. Here is the Q2 lecture for your own enlightenment. See the Lindsey Williams tag for more of the information posted on this site.

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