This is an interesting discussion by Anthony J. Hilder, he discusses the deteriorating economic situation, and how the elite use manipulate gold to keep the vast majority of the people from being on the right side of the market.

Anthony really has a way with words. He has quite an ability to be blunt about the reality of things, yet never fails to have a sense of humor.

Anthony, along with Myron C. Fagan, released the original expose on the Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations back in the 1960’s.

This was long before much of anyone was talking about something smelling rotten in Denmark. Its time we incite a revelation, to avoid a revolution. It’s your choice: live or die as a slave.

Its no joke. They really do plan to kill, enslave or incarcerate you.

Just take a sober look around. Do you see the thousands of people getting kicked out of their homes? Do you see the banks collapsing and the customers demanding their money?

These are the final hours, the last chances you have to prepare for severe hyper-inflation, the likes of which we have yet to see.

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