How To Achieve a Turning Point

If the people will simply transmute this stagnated, fear-based energy, into productive nurturing energy; they will profit greatly and the situation will reverse itself on all levels.

The people fear not having adequate food due to inflation, excessive taxation, poor use of capital and interest payments. With each passing day the people are becoming increasingly enslaved to the costs associated with the dependency on civilization and the money system.

It is therefore incumbent upon us to reduce our dependency on this civilization for survival. It is time to exercise our freedom to plant a garden, grow our own foods on this bountiful land that we inhabit.

We have to move away from this hijacked “money” system, and into a “human” system. The “money” system has no integrity anymore.

The architects of today’s system have created 1.1 QUADRILLION dollars worth of derivative instruments to float the massive debt and keep Frankenstein alive. At any moment, the money system could come unhinged and bring the prices of everything sky-high, as happened in Weimar Germany after the reparations of WWI.

It is far more profitable to live independently, when it is feasible, because the government cannot tax your tomato bush, fruit tree, etc. The system can, however, tax 40-50% of the cost of getting food through the money system. By the time a loaf of bread reaches you, it has been taxed, all told, hundreds of times directly and indirectly.

The trip to the ballot box is rigged, we have to uproot it at the source. Reduce, and seek to eliminate your dependency on civilization, become more independent with each passing day if you can.

The willingness to stop this dependency, when it becomes so much of a burden as is now the case, is an essential element of freedom.

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  1. Publius said on June 13th, 2008 at 8:56 pm:

    The trick is to not only not fear, but affirm full humanity. It is not easy. For 5 years I have relentlessly cut my ties one by one with the money slave system. Now I am on the edge of Homelessness. Rarely am I able to work, no one wants a 51 year old to work over or under the table, my working friends avoid me for months, I live like a poet. Yes I am free. Free to starve.
    Free to write. Free to be me. However we are social beings. We need like minded others in real life and in real time. So there is a fine line here and that is keep your day job till your garden grows ducats.

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