Will We Wittness the Nazification of the Nation?

This week we witnessed the beginnings of the un-doing of the United States economy. On Thursday the Dow Jones plummeted over 350 points while gold vaulted up over 30 dollars. The glue that holds our fragile economy together is starting to come undone.

The useful idiots in congress are talking, more than ever, about preemptive warfare with the nation of Iran. This is the same sort of chatter that happened in the time leading up to the war with Iraq. The stupidity of the American public never ceases to amaze me.

There is no evidence that Iran is producing nuclear weaponry. They have been subject to surprise inspections and the inspectors have found nothing; yet Israel and United States wish to bomb them anyways.

The individuals who advocate this sort of behavior, pre-emptively destroying the lives of other people without even investigating why it is being done, are even worse than rapists and serial killers.

I don’t give a damn if you’re just ignorant, turning a blind eye, or whatever your excuse is.

Another war will impoverish the people even further. The price of energy will double or triple and the whole world will be brought into a massive depression.

Remember what happened when the economy of Germany was in shambles after WWI. They witnessed the Nazification of their nation, and we too shall witness the Nazification of the United States of America, if we just sit back and allow this slaughter to occur.

The American people have to get up off the couch, put the soda down, drop the TV controller, turn off the game console. Get up and do something about this before it is too late. We need fundamental changes in the lives of each and every one of us, if we are to hold off the forces of darkness.

If we fail here, then our children and grandchildren will live in a world that you wouldn’t wish on anyone.

What kind of a people are Americans? Are they the kind who would allow horrible things to happen to others for no good reason? Or do they have a spine and the will to stand up for something bigger than themselves.

Will they stop listening to McCain, Gore, Obama, Clinton and instead listen to their hearts? Are we going to fail the next generation or are we going to turn this situation around?

Our success or failure here will be looked at for generations…

Monty Guild on Inflation

Source: Monty Guild and Tony Danaher | Guild Investment Management

Food inflation as we have mentioned is here to stay. Corn prices may be peaking as the Mississippi river crests, but we see higher prices for other substitutable grains. A decline in food prices could happen temporarily in the autumn if the U.S. Government and others end set their aside programs and other countries start to develop underdeveloped farmland. This will not lead to a large increase in food production worldwide initially but in the long term production will rise.

The problem is that consumption is also rising at a rapid rate. While worldwide production will not go up by a huge amount, the main effect will be psychological. As people come to the conclusion that supplies may increase, speculators will exit positions. Over the longer term, global food stocks will be rebuilt as they are way too low. This rebuilding of inventories will keep prices firm.

As we have mentioned in the past, global food inventories have fallen in 7 of the last 8 years. These inventories must be rebuilt for many years before prices can really start to fall. The fact is, global food prices are lower in inflation adjusted dollars than they were decades ago. Even in the most optimistic case, inflation adjusted corn, wheat, soybeans, and other foods must rise for years to come just to get back to their inflation adjusted prices of 50 years ago.

An aside…developed country consumers spend less of their budget on food compared to consumers in other countries. We believe that this will change. Consumers in developed countries will be spending more of their total income on food as well. Continue reading Monty Guild on Inflation

How To Achieve a Turning Point

If the people will simply transmute this stagnated, fear-based energy, into productive nurturing energy; they will profit greatly and the situation will reverse itself on all levels.

The people fear not having adequate food due to inflation, excessive taxation, poor use of capital and interest payments. With each passing day the people are becoming increasingly enslaved to the costs associated with the dependency on civilization and the money system.

It is therefore incumbent upon us to reduce our dependency on this civilization for survival. It is time to exercise our freedom to plant a garden, grow our own foods on this bountiful land that we inhabit.

We have to move away from this hijacked “money” system, and into a “human” system. The “money” system has no integrity anymore.

The architects of today’s system have created 1.1 QUADRILLION dollars worth of derivative instruments to float the massive debt and keep Frankenstein alive. At any moment, the money system could come unhinged and bring the prices of everything sky-high, as happened in Weimar Germany after the reparations of WWI.

It is far more profitable to live independently, when it is feasible, because the government cannot tax your tomato bush, fruit tree, etc. The system can, however, tax 40-50% of the cost of getting food through the money system. By the time a loaf of bread reaches you, it has been taxed, all told, hundreds of times directly and indirectly.

The trip to the ballot box is rigged, we have to uproot it at the source. Reduce, and seek to eliminate your dependency on civilization, become more independent with each passing day if you can.

The willingness to stop this dependency, when it becomes so much of a burden as is now the case, is an essential element of freedom.

HAARP May be Involved in Recent Earthquakes

The HAARP project is a United States government project to project billions of watts worth of radio waves into the ionosphere. Radio waves have the potential to cause vibrations in the ground and can thus cause earthquakes.

This means that the controllers of HAARP have the ability to modify, what had been exclusively a natural phenomena, as well as weather patterns.

Over the skies of the Sichuan, China epicenter, where the major earthquakes have been happening recently, a rainbow colored cloud was seen, just minutes before the first big quake.

Benjamin Fulford did an interesting investigation into the evidence surrounding these claims. He also noted that a mysterious plasma weapon was seen prior to the Niigata earthquake in July 2007.

Taiwanese satellites measured a 50% drop in ionospheric energy above the Sichuan epicenter on the day before the quake. Both earthquakes seem to have happened near nuclear military facilities.

One Quadrillion Dollars: Waiting to Destroy What’s Left

The situation was already out of control to begin with. Now it is SEVERELY spiraling out of control. Whenever the counter-parties of these transactions fails to pay, it means the FED has to print up more money to bail them out. If they aren’t bailed out, then the whole charade crumbles to the ground, taking the rest of us with it as the economy swirls down the toilet bowl.

This is a situation that has no reasonable solution except, imo, to scale down these derivative positions. They are going to have to be made illegal, but the people that have them already have to be grandfathered in so that the system doesn’t collapse.

Total Notional Value Of Derivatives Outstanding Surpasses One Quadrillion

Jim Sinclair | JSMineSet.com

Dear CIGAs,

The notional value of all outstanding derivatives now totals approximately $1.144 QUADRILLION.

This appears to be Bank of International Settlement Spin to announce the largest gain in derivatives outstanding since they started to report. As of the last report it appeared that both listed and OTC derivatives was under $600 trillion. Now listed credit derivatives alone stood at $548 Trillion. The OTC derivatives are shown as $596 billion notional value, as of December 2007. One can only imagine what number they are at now.

Well we hit a QUADRILLION. We have more than $1000 trillion dollars in all derivatives outstanding. That is simply NUTS because notional value becomes real value when either counterparty to the OTC derivative goes bankrupt. $548 trillion plus $596 trillion means $1.144 quadrillion. Continue reading One Quadrillion Dollars: Waiting to Destroy What’s Left

The End of the British Imperial “Free Trade” System

I had once thought it unstoppable, that the system of so-called “free trade” could be halted. This system is the same one that brought you NAFTA, which has virtually destroyed the economy of North America.

If nations can keep their own economies strong, not completely dependent on pillaging and slave labor, then there is not much that the globalists can do to enslave the people and subjugate the nation-states.

The globalists profit most by flooding a nation’s economy with cheap goods; causing the local infrastructure to deteriorate. If this process can be stopped then the globalists are going to lose their power.

“British Imperial Free Trade Doctrine” At a Dead End

The bad news from Rome, is that the FAO conference did not decide on any truly effective remedy for the worldwide hunger catastrophe. The good news, is that the “free traders” were likewise unable to put through their plans, and that the WTO’s Doha Round will, in all likelihood, end in failure. A commentary by Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

“British Imperial Free Trade Doctrine” At a Dead End And Now, for a New, Just World Economic Order!

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche | LaRouchePAC.com

Certainly the bad news from the FAO conference in Rome, is that the measures agreed upon fall far short of what will be necessary to solve the world hunger crisis. The final communique promised a mere $8 billion, without even specifying how it is to be spent. But despite this, the conference’s outcome can be termed a partial victory for the cause of humanity, because the champions of the “British Imperial free trade doctrine,” as Friedrich List once described them, have suffered a decisive defeat.

The so-called developed countries should nevertheless be ashamed that the dividing line between those states whose leaders spoke in favor of food security and protectionist trade measures, and the the partisans of unfettered free trade, ran more or less precisely between the G7 nations on the one side, and the underdeveloped nations on the other. And so, it’s hardly surprising that among the developing countries, the view was widespread, that the G7 is pursuing a neo-colonial policy, and is unwilling to help the world’s poor countries–a view which was already anticipated back in April by FAO Director Diouf. (At least the German delegation, as the conference was winding up, evinced “respect” for the positions of Argentina, Venezuela, and a few other countries.) Continue reading The End of the British Imperial “Free Trade” System

Prosperity according to Reuven Brenner

Tod Hoffman | McGill Reporter

Management professor Reuven Brenner bristles at superficial thinking and the ill-founded myths it tends to perpetuate. He rails against the type of academics who propagate them with meaningless jargon under the guise of science. How, he wonders, can some social scientists possibly believe what they do is scientific?

“It’s a function of them having nothing to say,” he shrugs during a conversation in his Bronfman Building office. Obscure, pompous language uttered by those with a claim to expertise is quickly mistaken for science by those without the understanding to issue an authoritative challenge. The true challenge for the academic is to make an argument clearly, without resort to obscurity.

The holder of the Repap Chair of Business for the past decade at McGill, Brenner has just published The Financial Century: From Turmoils to Triumphs (Stoddart), a jargon-free volume with much to say about how societies can achieve prosperity and some barbed observations about how governments often get in the way.

Prosperity, he writes, is a consequence of “matching talent with capital, and holding both sides accountable.” Open, democratized financial markets and access to capital promise the most benefits to the most people. Private, as opposed to public, institutions have the most incentive to distribute capital wisely and prudently. Government, he writes, “can make many more and greater mistakes, and they can also fail to correct them.” Continue reading Prosperity according to Reuven Brenner

Lyndon LaRouche: FIREWALL – In Defense of Nation State

My friends, we are past the point of no-return, from which we could salvage the current monetary system. The present system is experiencing systemic world-wide hyper-inflation, which will only be stopped when a new monetary system is introduced.

Lyndon LaRouche believes that there is no more future for this monetary system. He says that we are at a cross-roads, where we can choose between two paths.

On the one hand, we could choose to use warfare and welfare to prolong the life-span of the current system. Such an approach would drag our world into another dark-age.

On the other hand, we could choose a new system, in which we have a stable monetary system, which rewards productivity and stability; a system which increases food production instead of fighting over the few scraps that are available.

Like Weimar Germany, the productive capacity of our real economy has been destroyed. However, we have done this to ourselves, through our adherence to the belief in globalization.