Over the last couple of years, the increase in the number of videos available freely on the internet, has lead to the release of a tremendous amount of documentaries. Many of these documentaries cover obscure subjects, on topics which are relevant to the lives of nearly every person on the planet.

Esoteric Agenda draws on the available information, piecing together a puzzle that has taken many researchers, such as Jordan Maxwell, Gregg Braden and Michael Tsarion decades to unravel.

Every day we are touched by the far reaching tentacles of Maritime Admiralty Law, or the Law of International Banking. This is the form of law which supersedes the Law of the Land and even the borders of powerful nations.

It is unfortunate, however, that very few of us even know why we have to go to court, or what the words and terms and symbols, employed by these institutions, stand for; how they affect us in our everyday lives.

There exists, all around us, the symbols and emblems of many ancient organizations. The very money that we work for and are constantly having to exchange, is created by organizations, who operate above the national governments; they operate under a veil of secrecy that even the highest government officials cannot penetrate.

If you take a few hours to watch this documentary, Esoteric Agenda, I think you will begin to understand how it all fits together. This documentary does a beautiful job of connecting the many vital pieces of that understanding, in a powerful, solution oriented, way.

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