A Vision of the “En Em” People

In a dream last night, during the early hours of April 30 of the year 2008, I was given an extra-ordinary sequence of visions. The information that came to me in these dreams was unlike anything I have encountered before in the dream world, or in the waking world.

At the beginning of this unusual sequence, I walked into a seemingly ordinary store, then passed by a table where someone was tending to some pastries. I thought to myself how foolish it is to eat pastries, and had a little laugh inside at seeing it there.

After having these thoughts, I passed through a door, which brought me into a hospital. This is peculiar, because I have often thought of hospitals as foolish and even dangerous places, where people are often taken advantage of and treated with techniques based on lies and academic deception.

I walked through the hospital and tried to clear my mind of the initial perceptions, so I could understand just what was going in in there.

This hospital looked like a quaint place, compared to most hospitals. I didn’t see all of the stress and idiocy that I generally see in hospitals. Indeed, there was something quite different about this place and the people in it.

After taking all of this in, I decided to walk out of the closest door, which brought me into a built-up parking lot, where I saw an inscription carved into the concrete wall.

This inscription was a few paragraphs long, and it described the behavior of the people of today’s world; how they built vast societies with intricate forms of technology, but failed to address the inherent weaknesses in their systems and their internal balance.

The creator of these inscriptions had much to say about the economic system, which today’s people work tirelessly to serve; a system which generally provides no added benefit, despite all of the people’s sweat equity, which is constantly poured into it.

The environment I was in eventually transitioned from a parking garage, to a more peaceful and balanced rural setting, with myriad forms of vegetation. I followed my intuition and walked along the path I was on, where I began to see many others like me, who seemed to accept me and appreciated my presence, as I too appreciated theirs.

These people radiated a very powerful positive energy; they seemed very happy and balanced, quite different from the feelings I receive from the people in most of the settings. I felt quite content being in their presence, and ready to absorb whatever understanding I could from the situation.

Later-on, a voice, which sounded like the narrator voice on those old Legend of Atlantis documentaries, began to teach me about a being called En Em and an en-lightened group of people who were students of this being; these people were the ones who chose to leave their faltering civilization.

These students of En Em were the thoughtful among us, though not necessarily the educated, as the term is understood by most of us today; since the educated are, more often than not, thoughtful. They built their own dispersed societies, where they could enjoy the fruits of their labors, grow spiritually, and dodge the continuous stream of wastrels and goof balls that now litter the Earth.

The people who populated these new societies chose to evacuate the cities, relocating to the mountainous areas, where they could be far enough away from civilization to avoid the many threats to their survival, prosperity and personal growth; they sought a place where they could build a society, free of the interference of towering mafioso governments and demonic tax organizations such as Internal Revenue (Puerto Rico Trust #62), which illegally confiscates most of the wealth of the people today on behalf of anonymous private beneficiaries.

In the new societies which were formed, the people lived a more low-tech, but spiritually advanced lifestyle; one which afforded them more time to enjoy life, look deep inside their souls, and become more balanced and aware individuals, capable of adapting to the ever-accelerating rate changes.

I’m still not certain exactly who En Em is, or where he comes from. All I know is that he taught those who would listen, and they carved many tablets in his honor, to preserve this knowledge. He was represented as a white man with a beard in a ceremonial robe; the style of these carvings looked Sumerian.

When I looked up the etymology of the words En and Em I got the following:

en prefix meaning “cause to be, make” (endear); “put in or on” (encircle); from O.Fr. en-, from L. in- “in, into.” Also used as an intensive (enclose). Spelling variants in O.Fr. brought over into M.E. account for parallels such as assure/insure/ensure. Many words beginning with en- in Mod.Eng. are transparent (enforce, etc.) and etymologies can be found in listings for their stems. Words listed here include those whose unprefixed form is not an obvious word in Eng. (encroach) or whose meaning has drifted significantly (engrain).

em from Fr. assimilation of en- to following labial; also from L. ex-, assimilated to following -m-. Also a prefix used to form verbs from adjectives and nouns.

Perhaps this information will take on more meaning, as it is pondered. Maybe someone else has had such visions and they can share them here.

It may be visions of the future, or just elaborations of my own imagination. Either way, I could not help but share this information with the wonderful people who read my writings.

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