Interesting Discussion about the notion of “A Depression?”

This is an interesting conversation I had about the notion of a “depression,” with a friend of mine. Many of the thoughts that came to mind were inspired by a lecture by Michael Tsarion – 2012: The Future of Mankind.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

4:04 so when do you think the depression will happen
4:05 granted its already starting to happen

Chris Case
4:05 welp… i think that the human race has been in the midst of a depression for over 10,000 years

4:05 i can see that

Chris Case
4:05 so i think we are in the waning stages of the depression
4:06 as for the economic issues immediately facing us
4:06 i’m not really sure what will happen
4:06 i’m not sure how much prices will move up
4:06 since a declining economy actually brings about lower prices
4:07 so we may see a few years of deflation-like problems
4:07 which the fed will fight by inflating the money supply

4:07 a decrease in anything would be nice

Chris Case
4:07 its tough to call

4:07 i have no idea either

Chris Case
4:07 i doubt it will be on the scale of the Weimar Republic
4:08 but maybe a lighter version of that
4:08 but i wouldn’t rule it out either
4:08 regardless of what happens
4:08 i wouldn’t regard it as a depression
4:08 it is more of an enema
4:08 the ejection of the old ways
4:08 and a return to the traditions that have worked for so long
4:09 i think it is wonderful that we are being forced to conserve
4:09 and to make due with less

4:09 i hope so..

Chris Case
4:09 the united States of America cannot consume most of the world’s production indefinitely
4:09 we have to feel the pain sometime
4:09 if you look at the figures… most of the real-estate capital is here
4:10 which means there are far better deals elsewhere
4:10 so we haven’t got much of a choice but to balance out the equation
4:10 now i’m not saying it’ll be painless
4:10 but it will be a thing of beauty, imo, as we will be moving closer to the divine order
4:11 and maybe into an age less dominated by material
4:11 and more focused on genuine community (a term which we know little of in this day and age)

4:11 that would be wonderful if can actually happen in a manner that would awaken more people then scare then into more of a sheep

Chris Case
4:12 many will be scared, quite simply because this whole system is based on fear
4:12 and it uses fear to cause a return to dependancy on the system
4:12 we fear life and we fear death
4:12 and everything in between
4:12 but that fear is just a creation of our own minds
4:12 if we are forced to leave our homes
4:13 and live in a mud hut in the middle of the forrest
4:13 or to live in the dessert
4:13 it really wouldn’t be that bad
4:13 i mean…
4:13 you’d have nothing to lose, at that point
4:13 and no concerns, other than your own survival
4:13 there would be no taxes and no confiscations
4:13 someone could take your wig-wam
4:13 but then you could just build another somewhere-else in a day or so
4:14 i think we just have to be at our center
4:14 i guess thats what i’m getting at

4:15 that is the kind of existance i am looking for… i really dont find motivation in this existance to well exist beyond what gets me by

Chris Case
4:16 i am more and more inclined each day to accept someting like this
4:16 less tied to the material
4:16 less obligated
4:16 though still obligated to one’s own survival
4:16 but i think that tending to one’s own survival is far more of a developmental experience than what we generally do in the modern world for “survival”
4:16 the 3-right circus side-show

4:17 true… i think given the chance most people wouldnt know what to do… thats why our body does most of the work for us… usually in instances of survival our instincts kick in anyway because we have been uprooted from our base being

Chris Case
4:18 yea, i think a true “survival” situation would probably kill a good portion of our egos
4:18 though it could make others arise, if we don’t stay to our center
4:18 but we must cleanse and purge our psychic world
4:19 that cleansing process is very important
4:19 no-one can really live in a one-season world forever
4:19 winter will come
4:19 but the thing is
4:19 i think we have been in a “winter” state for some time
4:19 and now the influence of the great destroyer will come in
4:19 and rid us of all of these illusions
4:20 in order to reveal the world as it really is

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