Treason in the New Hampshire Primary

When I see shit-bags like McCain and Romney winning elections, three things come to mind:

  1. American’s have learned to love the, already exposed, traitors who are eating them for lunch.
  2. The vote is rigged.
  3. All of the above.

It really is sad to see it all happening again. It is as if we just don’t care about the fact that we are being used and made to go in circles wasting our limited time on this planet. Laugh at it all you want, ridicule it, but the plain and simple fact remains.

If we don’t do something meaningful, not just a symbolic gesture, we are going to lose all that our fore bearers have fought for. Isn’t that worth something to you?

The R3volution is Dead – Long Live the Revolution!!!

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“This thing is bigger than both of us, baby.
We knew it all along.”
— “Bigger Than Both of Us,” Beier and Kane (2000)

My name is Edgar J. Steele. This is a Nickel Rant.

Here – let me be the first to say it: The Ron Paul R3volution is dead.

No, that isn’t the end of it. In fact, it is just the beginning. The real beginning. Let me also be the first to say, “Long Live the Revolution!” I have written before as to why it must be so.

I haven’t given up on Ron Paul, but I admit to having been convinced by him that he cannot become America’s President. It took a long time. I don’t know how often I’ve heard him tell reporters or interviewers that his followers “have cured (his) skepticism.” I wince each time, because I know he doesn’t mean it. Too bad.

Yesterday, Dr. Paul issued a statement that he would not challenge the obvious (my word, not his) vote fraud that took place in New Hampshire (and Iowa, for that matter). “I am convinced that vote fraud played no role in this result,” said Dr. Paul. I’d like to think that simply was his diplomacy talking. Problem is, this is no time for diplomacy.

A manipulation of 2 or 3 percentage points, which is all that statistical analysis shows is likely to have occurred, would make little difference to the outcome, putting Dr. Paul ahead of the execrable Rudy Giuliani but still trailing Huckabee, Romney and McCain (there is one web site with analysis suggesting Dr. Paul would finish third). However, demanding that the record be set right would have made all the difference in the world to those of us who knew it was coming. Knew it because we’ve seen it happen before – in Ohio last time, in Florida the time before that and in too many places to be counted, all places where the Diebold electronic voting machines hold sway.

The outcry began almost immediately, when members of a single family who voted lockstep for Ron Paul found, the next morning, that their entire community had tallied precisely zero votes for him. And theirs is not the only community in New Hampshire saying the same thing. Even so, one can infer manipulation from variations between pre-primary and exit polls and the final vote, of course. As noted, variation from the poll figures took place only in those New Hampshire counties in which Diebold machines were used. Elsewhere, the final (hand-written and hand-tabulated) votes tracked almost perfectly to the pre-primary and exit polls.

You have to wonder: Without all the pre-primary dirty tricks (phony polling, stacked “debate” questions, debate exclusion, debate marginalization, false media, no media, ridicule by other candidates and questioners) and with an honest vote count, might Dr. Paul actually have won New Hampshire outright?

Obama – Less of a Loser Than You Might Think

Even more badly aggrieved (and strangely silent on the issue of vote fraud) was Democrat Barack Obama, whose victory in New Hampshire blatantly was stolen for Hillary Clinton in precisely the same manner as was Dr. Paul’s placement stolen. Where the votes were hand written and hand counted, Obama won, consistent with his pre-election and exit polling. Only in the Diebold-counted counties did things turn around – and so dramatically that the final result overall was a bare win by Clinton.

Pre-primary polls showed Obama winning with 38% to Clinton’s 30%. Normally super-accurate exit polls were a little different, with Obama at 39% and Clinton up to 35%, which exactly matched the results reported by precincts doing hand counts of hand-written ballots. Diebold precincts turned it all around: 40% for Clinton and 35% for Obama, thereby allowing Clinton to edge Obama 39% to 37% with the overall totals. Just like George Bush pulled it out, time and again, eight years ago and, yet again, four years ago. Now you know why Hillary Clinton has been getting special briefings from the White House and why Bush I and Bill Clinton are such hard and fast pals.

I have explained before why they will not allow Obama to win this thing, even though the CFR has him in hand. Obama’s sudden show of broad-based voter support makes it highly possible, if not likely, that he would defeat any of the current Republican front-runners in next year’s election. Can’t have that, of course. Never will Hillary Clinton defeat even the third-rate “leaders” now vying for the Republican nomination, so it is going to be another Republican schlep sworn in as, perhaps, America’s last President.

Needed: A Boston Diebold Party

It could have been so much different.

Challenge the New Hampshire results and prove the vote fraud in little towns where voters can testify in numbers greater than were recorded for Dr. Paul. Show it to be more than a simple “transfer error” on the part of a couple of clerks. Turn us loose to protest it. Sue everybody in sight, especially Diebold. File suit in upcoming states to force paper ballots that can be audited. Demand that the US Supreme Court immediately assume jurisdiction upon proving any irregularity, no matter how small.

Boston Tea Party? Hell, let’s have a Boston Diebold Party! A little civil disobedience is just what we need at this time. They can’t manipulate machines at the bottom of lakes, rivers and bays, after all.

Do the things I have outlined and we all would be in it for the long haul. What’s more, exponentially we would increase our numbers through the outrage thereby generated. We could have swept through the rest of the primaries, gaining strength and momentum with each stop.

Auditing – Just Another Word for Pointless

I have a Master’s degree in Accounting. I have done accounting auditing. I took an extra year at Cal Berkeley and very nearly double-majored with a Master’s in Information Science (computers), as well. I have worked as a Systems Analyst, designing and fixing complex computer software systems. I understand what is involved with computer auditing. Auditing these Diebold-based elections is pointless.

It doesn’t matter if the two minor candidates now demanding recounts get them. How do you audit electrons that are long gone? The machines, well recognized to be sloppily designed and security nightmares, can be checked over. The programming can be checked if you get the source code (which Diebold will not release). The memory cards can be verified. But, there is nothing to audit. Once you change the vote inside the machine, there is no record, either internal or external, of that change. In accounting terms, there is no “audit trail.”

A change can be forced by original programming, by external command via modem (yes, the machines are accessible by telephone line), by a flash-memory-based program that physically is in and out of the machine in less than a minute, leaving no trace, and by other means even more arcane. The point is: With Diebold voting machines, there is nothing to recount.

So why do I think it is such a mistake for Dr. Paul not to have demanded a recount? Because the statistical inconsistencies and the testimony by voters whose votes got cast for other candidates would make a difference, open the dialogue in the public eye and provide a basis for legally challenging the machines. Because the US Supreme Court is the ultimate political creature, an order disallowing Diebold machine usage in the face of growing public outrage is not at all out of the question.

Did you know that the Diebold voting machines are made in Israel? Did you know that an Israeli company was in charge of tallying the Iowa caucus results? Did you know that Israel, like the Council on Foreign Relations, has blessed every Presidential candidate except Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich (Kucinich is one of the fellows demanding a recount in New Hampshire)? Make of those facts what you will. I’ll save what I make of them for another day.

You Could’a Been a Contender

Here’s the message you just delivered, Dr. Paul: If you will sit still for vote fraud in New Hampshire, you will tolerate it elsewhere, too. Besides, your post-New Hampshire primary statement made clear your intent to be satisfied with merely helping to set the agenda for the remainder of the contest. You never thought you had a chance, but we knew you did. You could’a been a contender. No – you could have been President.

If you are content merely with influencing the campaign dialogue from here on out, then you seriously misread those of us out here in the trenches. We didn’t come to be satisfied with second place, even. If Ron Paul does not become our President, then we have lost. What’s more, we have lost our last chance to work within the system.

The powers that be seem not to have gotten the message (about our working within the system just this one, last time), in light of the obvious vote fraud that took place in both Iowa and New Hampshire. They will learn, too late, what a monumental mistake that really was.

Though correcting the New Hampshire result may not seem to be worth the effort, had we immediately raised holy hell about the vote fraud, filing lawsuits left and right, calling press conferences, demanding recounts (using the money we already gave) and organizing protest rallies, possibly we could have salvaged this campaign.

Now that they know they can get away with it, they are going to keep manipulating votes through the Diebold machines, guaranteeing that we lose. At least, by drawing the line in New Hampshire and anywhere that questionable vote counts emerged, we could have gone down swinging for the bleachers.

No More Money Bombs

There will be no more “money bombs.” Had you taken even second place in New Hampshire, Dr. Paul, then all the money you possibly could spend – ever – would have been made available to you. All without asking, just as you have not had to ask before. Had you actually won New Hampshire, as some think you could, if only you had you spent all the money we gave you so far, we now would be discussing how best to keep them from killing you, but that no longer is an issue. I’m glad for that, at least.

I will hear none of this carping about paid election staff members, either, which has been going on for some time. Dr. Paul chose them. Dr. Paul chose to keep them in place. Dr. Paul would be the first to accept full responsibility for their failings.

Make no mistake: We still love you, Dr. Paul – and we always will. You didn’t break our heart by failing to give it your all, but now there is another crack in it. That is nothing, compared to what so many others before you have done, however. We’ll get over it. We always do.

You really should have committed 100% to your own “R3volution,” Dr. Paul, because we believed enough for you, too. Together, we could have moved mountains. Together, we could have changed America.

Long Live the Revolution

But, we still can change America and change her we will. And you still will be the grand old man of the New Revolution, Dr. Paul. You were there at the beginning, after all. The times picked you for us, as they always have picked their own agents of change. But you no longer are setting this beast’s agenda. It has taken on a shape and a mind of its own now. It will pick up speed and choose new leaders as it mows down everything in its path. The times make the men, after all is said and done, not the other way around.

Let them disallow Ron Paul a level playing field. Let this play out and let them screw him every which way they can, with vote fraud, phony polling, stacked “debate” questions, debate exclusion, debate marginalization, false media, no media, ridicule by other candidates and questioners, recount trace kickover, etc. That merely will serve to open the eyes of those who have chosen to support him and, thereby, greatly increase our number.

Based upon reports I have received from those attending big-city rallies, rallies that the controlled media does not report, things are moving a bit faster, even, than I long have anticipated. I always thought and said that it will take obvious and widespread economic carnage and pain – plus our government actually shooting us down in the streets – before Americans get up off the couch and demand real change.

Already, though, the demand for real change can be heard bouncing off the canyon walls in New York City and Chicago and wherever a critical mass of these too-young Ron Paul “meet-up” supporters assemble: Neocons out! Change now! Listen carefully. Can you hear it building in the distance? I can!

Itz coming!

New America. An idea whose time has come.

My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening. Please visit my web site,, for other messages just like this one.

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