Today’s Boston Tea Party 2007 has been a wild success. It looks like Ron Paul’s supporters will raise well over 5 million dollars today.

Today’s Americans realize that we need Ron Paul as our leader. Edgar J. Steele has done an excellent piece on the need for Ron Paul as President of the united States of America. He explains, quite eloquently, what America is all about and why we must act immediately in order to restore our republic, before a violent revolution happens. We must incite a revelation, so that we may avoid a revolution!


My name is Edgar J. Steele. This is a Nickel Rant.

On this date in 1773, a great many Americans were fed up with the tyranny of the ruling British government.

On this date in 1773, throngs massed in the colonies to protest the unfairness of taxes emplaced upon Americans to favor vested ruling interests.

On this date in 1773, a group of strong-minded Boston individuals, “the Sons of Liberty,” followed through and, in a coordinated act of disobedience, destroyed 45 tons of British-East-India-Company-owned tea in protest of unfair taxation and usurpation of American interests by arrogant British overlords.

The Boston Tea Party marked a turning point in the evolution of America, resting upon the rallying cry “No taxation without representation!”

A Fresh Call for Liberty

Today, we face a greater enemy than that confronting the Sons of Liberty over 200 years ago.

Today, we pay far greater taxes than our forebears, yet suffer far greater indignities at the hands of arrogant and unresponsive overlords, overlords chosen by others and placed in office through the charade of false elections.

Today, the call has come forth for a new Boston Tea Party, to protest our current outrageous taxation without representation. We must, if we are to survive as a nation, answer that call.

Some say that patriotism is old fashioned.

Some think that love of country is out of date.

Some consider the slightest show of sentiment toward one’s homeland to be naive.

But, God help us – and God help our country – if the cynics, the one worlders, the Neoconservative intellectual dilettantes ever persuade us that these things have passed us by.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, patriotism, loyalty, sentiment…THESE THINGS ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Our America

In my lifetime, I have seen America grow and change. I have seen her stand tall and I have seen her brought low.

I have seen the best that America can be and, in recent years, I have seen the worst that America can be.

But always, she has been my America …our America…and she will be our America, come what may…for better or for worse.

We have a habit here in America of forgetting what a grand and noble experiment she represented when our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and, then, the Constitution.

We forget the sacrifices they made…in property … in family … and, finally, in their own blood.

We forget that they merely lent us the destiny they created, to hold in trust for our children … their grandchildren, many generations removed.

We have been squandering that legacy with which we have been entrusted. It is high time that we rose up and recovered it.

The New Sons and Daughters of Liberty

Today, December 16, 2007, we all of us – every single one of us – must come together as the new Sons and Daughters of Liberty, to right the manifest wrongs done to America and to others in our name.

We have a standard bearer who has been set apart from all other Presidential candidates both by the overlords and by his own intractable demeanor.

Ron Paul is All of Us

We have a true champion, one who has answered our call for honesty, trustworthiness and intellectual rigor.

We have Ron Paul … and we need his honesty, his zeal, his vision for America, else we are lost, my countrymen.

Today we have a new, symbolic Boston Tea Party taking place, one in which we all can participate.

Unless we succeed in our new endeavor to rescue America from the forces of darkness and tyranny that are smothering us, I fear that we will have nothing left to us but violent revolution.

Yes, things are just that critical: Ron Paul or Revolution!

Yes, Ron Paul is just one man. But Ron Paul symbolizes all that we have left to hope for as a nation.

Ron Paul is you. Ron Paul is your neighbor. Ron Paul is your brother. Ron Paul is all of us.

Support Ron Paul and you support us all.

Times Make the Man

Men do not make the times. Times make the man. Today the times cry out for the common man – us – as represented in Ron Paul.

I asked you once before, on November 5th, to make a difference by contributing to Ron Paul’s campaign and you responded in a big way, one that forced the establishment to take note of Dr. Paul’s candidacy. I ask you once again, today, to make another contribution, even larger, if you possibly can afford it. We have an even more important message to deliver today.

A New Boston Tea Party

Today is yet another massive fundraising effort on behalf of us, in the name of Dr. Paul. Today truly is a new Boston Tea Party Day, fellow Americans. Help make a difference right now. Click over to right now and make your donation in support of our future. Keep trying, as web contention for the site is furious today.

Then click over to and watch for your name to join that of the other new Sons and Daughters of Liberty who have joined the Ron Paul Revolution.

If you already have pledged today, good for you. Now do it again!

We Have a Message to Deliver: Ron Paul or Revolution!

There are rumors swirling about the land today – rumors of plans afoot by the dark overlords of America to assassinate Dr. Paul, should he become the Republican Presidential nominee or, even, should he become likely to become the nominee.

We must send a message that it would be the gravest error to attempt to derail this train, which gathers momentum with each day that passes. Should tragedy strike and Dr. Paul be prevented from fulfilling our destiny, a hundred like him will rise up, then a thousand, then a hundred thousand, then a million and, on that day, the New American Revolution truly will begin!

Ron Paul or Revolution!

America Can Work Again

America worked once as a constitutional republic. It can work again.

Don’t despair at how difficult the road ahead might seem to be. The most important things in the world have been accomplished by people who kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. The only real failure in life is in giving up, you know.

Today, we have hope. Today we vest that hope in ourselves, in the form of Ron Paul.

I am glad you are with us. I am glad you risk so much to make a difference. I am glad so many are willing to give so much. I am proud to call you friend.

Be the Person You Know You Are

Now, listen closely to what I’m about to tell you…Don’t try to be better than anybody else. Just try to be better than yourself. Today, be the person you know you are and join us.

Do that, and they will never break our spirit.

They will never silence us.

They will never take our freedom.

Today, we can touch lives.

Today, we can make a difference.

Today, we can awaken America.

Today, we can take back America.

New America. An idea whose time has come.

My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening. Please visit my web site,, for other messages just like this one.


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