This body is a living temple
Made of light and love
Encompassing all beings

Giving each of us the chance
To transmute our energies as we see fit
Creation and destruction ebb and flow

This is a continuous process
We are all a part of this creation
Not just some mystical being in heaven

We are the God they speak of
Here is the heaven they speak of
Here is the hell they speak of

What if I say, “Here is god.”
Would you be able to understand?
Or are you be too busy thinking, “There is god”

Look inside
To the depths of your soul
To the eyes of another

We are
The mind and body of god
The holy grail, so long sought, is in our hands

Will you take this cup
Put it to your lips
Drink from the fountain of our being

Find peace within the emptiness
Call forth your creativity
Express your self in ways you have never heretofore imagined

Come forth, as we are calling you
Resuscitate the hopeless
Without you we are lifeless satellites…. drifting

Crucify the ego
Before its far too late
The light will lift you out

Inspired by Tool’s Lateralus

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