This too shall pass….

changes come
keep your dignity
take the high road
take it like a man
this too shall pass
like a kidney stone
its just a broken heart, son
this pain will pass away

~maynard james keenan

Sometimes life will drag you through the mud in every conceivable way, it seems. We lose attachments that were very important, discover that something is not what we had long thought it was, or worse yet find that the one we love does not feel the any love towards us; that we are just a means to a selfish end and nothing more on their horizon.

Loss has the power to shake you to the very core, leaving you with a feeling of worthless emptiness that is very difficult to release. Indeed the universe feels like a very dim, cold, hopeless place; with no sign that it contains any lasting form of happiness. You find yourself asking, where is my light, where is my hope, where is my peace; but since nobody seems to want to share theirs with you, you just have to generate it in yourself.

Everything is so fucking closed off and hoarded on this godforsaken planet, jeeze. Why can’t we just be who we are and share our lives without shame, fear or insecurity. But no, these are the things that rule the lives of those who are unfortunate enough to be trapped in this shit-hole vortex.

Well, you’ve got to go on though, i suppose, so sometimes you just have to be sad and work through it. If you ignore it, it will not go away, but it will become far worse instead. You have to let the tears roll down your face. You have to let out a great yell. You have to proclaim to the whole fucking bloody world that you are ready for a new you; that you are done caring about people who can’t even see enough in you to give a good god damn. Fuck them… fuck them… yes fuck them… they are blind… we are blind…

Yes.. maybe its time… to wave goodbye now.

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