Sail the Spiral of our Divinity and Still be a Human

Brothers and Sisters,

Many of you are starting to better realize the true nature of our world. Many of you are able to see the great pervasiveness of our world’s corruption and you are coming to terms with this reality. I sense a great amount of fear in the air, however; it is the same kind of fear that I dealt with when I was first learning of these things.

There is nothing to fear, though, as things haven’t really changed; our understanding of them has changed, and that is a wonderful development because we are now much closer to healing. Ignoring the problem has allowed the problems to multiply to the extent which we simply can no longer ignore them, so we cannot go on ignoring them.

Indeed, things are happening which threaten to unseat many of our traditions, but this is exactly what is necessary if we are to redefine who we are and shed the myriad of attachments. We cling to these in a vane attempt to achieve permanence, something which goes against the laws of nature and will never succeed.

Live life in such a way that you do nothing, yet nothing remains undone; this is what happens when you seek, above all else, harmony. When you are always enthralled in thoughts of the future or the past, you are not attending to the present, so you cannot be in harmony because you are not paying attention!

There is little we can do to change what is going to happen over the next few years. We can, however, find peace within ourselves and act as an example, so that others will see that true peace is not accomplished by a ceasefire, ordered by a general.

The peace that we need exists as the stillness in each and every one of us and it is incumbent upon us to discover it in ourselves.

Beneath the veil of personality, we are divine beings; but we have forgotten what it is like to be still and meditative, enabling us to fathom the limitless power of our own self-discovery and dissolve all of the illusory boundaries that we tirelessly work to maintain.

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One thought on “Sail the Spiral of our Divinity and Still be a Human”

  1. Wow dude! It’s like you know me, I too am starting to recognize/accept the corruption and problems in our world. I’m slowly working through things in life and trying to focus on what really matters, the consciousness of others and myself. I feel like I’m on a crazy journey of self-discovery, pretty much everything described here. Thanks for posting. Peace be with you. Namaste.

    – Scott

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