Summary Video of Dr. Paul’s Debate Action

Ron Paul was the clear winner at the September 5 Fox News Presidential debate. As it stands Dr. Paul is winning the text message poll with 33% of the vote whilst the highest percentage of any of the neo-CONS is 17%; he is clearly winning the MSNBC poll as well.

One of the debate questions directed at Paul was related to his desire to eliminate much of the Federal bureaucracy, such as the CIA, FBI and DHS. It was funny that, during the question, one of the wind-bag Fox anchors started laughing, it was probably the same dunce that said “are you saying we invited the 9/11 attacks” at an earlier debate, when Dr. Paul talked about how our flawed foreign policy increases the nation’s chances of being attacked.

This was yet another example of how desperate the mainstream media is to marginalize Ron Paul. Unfortunately for these overpaid shills, they have failed and the American people have spoken in the post-debate polls.

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