Dr. Mitchell Gibson is a rare kind of medical professional. From an early age he used Buddhist meditation to purify his thoughts and energy. This enabled him to discover aspects of medicine that go far beyond what most doctors understand.

Most doctors are highly trained at understanding which disease a person has, based upon the symptoms that are observed; it is rare, however, that a doctor understand the underlying cause of the disease. According to the wisdom of spiritual healers, both diseases and healing come from the higher spiritual realms and then travel into the body.

Two health-related forces are at work during one’s life. Qliphothic forces create evil and suffering in one’s life while Sephirothic forces create goodness and well-being in one’s life. These two forces interpolate to help us, should we choose to do so, to grow spiritually and reach higher levels of intimacy with the creator.

Playlist of Dr. Gibson’s Lectures: Secrets of Spiritual Healing and Hidden Science of Miracles

Dr. Gibson’s Biography

Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson is one of the most well known and highly respected medical doctors in the state of Arizona. He has been the mental health consultant for the largest television station (NBC-Affiliate KPNX-TV12 Phoenix) for the past eight years. Dr. Gibson has also been consulted by every major television, radio, and newspaper service in Arizona for his expertise in the fields of mental health and human behavior.

He has also spoken at a number of regional and national professional conventions. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, The American College of Forensic Medicine, and the American Board of Forensic Examiners. Dr. Gibson is a former Chief of Staff at the East Valley Camelback Hospital and he was Chief Resident in Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. He has also served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Services Committee for the Camelback Hospital System. Dr. Gibson is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine.

Dr. Gibson has been named to the “Top Doctors” list in Phoenix three times and twice to the Woodward and White “Best Doctors listing. Dr. Gibson was named to the position of “Honorary Chairman” for the state of Arizona by the National Republican Health-Care Reform Committee for his work on health-care reform. He is also listed in the “Consumer’s Guide to America’s Top Psychiatrists” for 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Dr. Gibson is an accomplished contemporary artist and has shown works In New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Philadelphia, Scottsdale, San Francisco, and numerous other cities around the globe. He recently received the Jury Prize for Creativity in the competition at the Museum of Fine Art in Paris and his art work is published in the Encyclopedia of Living Artists and New Art International.

Dr. Gibson has consulted for feature articles for Upscale, Ebony Essence, the Arizona Republic, Phoenix Gazette, Arizona Informant, Arizona Business Journal, The Mountain Astrologer, The Astrological Reporter, American Astrologer, and a number of other business and trade journals. He was also the host of a regional weekly radio program entitled “The Male Perspective” on KFNX 1100AM Phoenix.

Dr. Gibson currently lives in Summerfield, North Carolina with his wife Kathy and their two children Michael and Tiffany. He regularly lectures and conducts seminars in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

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