The Taboo Against Liberated Self-hood

In the vast majority of interpersonal interactions, there is an unwritten maxim. One may only express the portion of their self-hood that fits into the generally agreed-upon spectrum of being. Since the spectrum in which most people inhabit is a tiny portion of what actually exists, it is impossible for an individual to express a truly liberated self-hood.

The best one can do to reveal their liberated self-hood, is to partially cloak it behind the veil of personality, giving only brief glimpses from time-to-time. In all but the most liberated exchanges between true thinkers, a true opening-up of the mind is one of the greatest taboos. Perhaps this taboo stems from the fear that many of us have of stepping outside of our comfortable little spectrum of certainty and simplicity.

If we are truly shielding all but an infinitesimal portion of our self-hood from the light of day, then an expose of any significant portion of our actual self will be overwhelming and may even be somewhat blinding to the beholders.

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve had an exchange with another who seemed to be interested in stepping outside of the limitations, only to find that the intent was not actually genuine.

In order to be truly liberated, however, you cannot let these things discourage you. If you are truly interested in expressing the beauty of an unbridled mind, then you should do so whether or not the others wish it so. To do otherwise would be suicide.  Search deep within and find that which is the self, liberate it from your personality and let it out for all of the world to see.

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