In this interview Michael Tsarion discusses how, thousands of years ago, the ancients formed the basis for the concepts of existence that we use today. In the modern day, most of us are symbol illiterate; we don’t realize where the symbols we use are from, what they mean or why we they are used.

Most of our symbols were originally derived from the Tarot deck. The Tarot was used long before the modern notion of writing; images are a universal method of communication, as they transcend the differences in language that tend to divide us.

Michael also makes some interesting points about the importance of the physical (material) world versus the psychic (mental) world. It is commonly believed that the physical world is more significant than the psychic world, but the reverse is actually true; the physical world is merely a representation of the state of our psychic world.

This makes perfect sense when you consider the fact that everything we perceive as “material” must travel through the psychic realm for us to even know about it. If our psychic world is in disorder, and we fail to understand its true significance, then how are we to have any understanding of the physical or psychic worlds?

Michael Tsarion Interview About the Hermetic Tradition – 1 hour

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