Inside I see a psychic landscape that represents itself spatially as a cold planet, its surface is covered in snow. Old, but rugged trees stick up through the thick coat of snow that blankets the surface. The sky is clear and the atmosphere has a crispness to it.

Despite the fact that it is very cold and the warmth-providing star is far away, there is a sort of energy in the air that helps to propel all of the beings into motion. Everyone sees the beauty of the landscape and the promise of future bounty, instead of resigning themselves to die in the snow, they tap into a seemingly endless reserve of energy; powerful and regenerative, it can last forever if used properly.

During the daytime hours, a lonely star hovers in the distance and it seems understood that the star desires to be closer to the planet and vice versa. As much as they may desire a more direct exchange of energy, they are on their courses; the same courses that they have been on for billions of years.

But all is well, as the collective realizes that things need to be a certain way. They realize that their passion is charged by the absence of ideal conditions and this will actually help them to grow into stronger and more vibrant beings.

Indeed, if all were well from the start, then there would be little reason to act; with nothing to motivate one’s self to improve, they would simply decay into non-existence. This lack, this hollow, provides the nectar of being; it gives the cold and tired inhabitants of this place reason enough to figure the alchemical formulas needed to continually energize this ceaseless reservoir of passion and create a rich and diverse array of experiences for the collective mind to absorb.

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