Forbidden Archeology: Understanding the Vedic Cosmolical Calendar

This is a lecture and a documentary inspired, in part, by the research of Michael L. Cremo. The videos explain the evidence that humans may be many millions of years older than the current evolutionary model suggests. Humans may have existed for much longer than most of today’s “scientists” tend to believe.

Cremo describes the archaeologists’ tenancy to cover-up as much as they dig up, utilizing deceptive academic techniques that classify artifacts which shatter their commonly-held theories as “anomalies” and, essentially, brushing them under the rug in order to preserve their careers.

Here are a couple of fascinating videos about the Archaeological and Historical cover-ups, as well as a detailed look into an understanding of Vedic Cosmology that may explain the many so-called “anomalies” which seem to suggest that humans have co-existed with the other life on earth for much longer than contemporary thinkers had previously thought.

Lecture: Micheal L. Cremo: The Vedic Understanding of Cosmology and Time

Documentary: Mysterious Origins of Man: Forbidden Archeology

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