The Chinese government has finally revealed how they plan on playing God with the weather. They are planning on firing chemical filled rockets into the clouds to disperse any potential storms during the 2008 Summer Olympics.

China to zap rain clouds with rockets

yahoo news

BEIJING (Reuters) – China will fire rockets into the sky to scatter any rain clouds ahead of next year’s Beijing Olympics to ensure perfect weather, state media said on Tuesday.

China has already guaranteed perfect weather for the August 2008 Games, but until now had not said how it would make sure its forecast comes true.

Zheng Guoguang, head of the China Meteorological Association, announced the decision to use rockets in Beijing on Monday, the China Daily said.

“As summer is a rainy season, this practice will become the focus of the meteorological services for the Games which will be held in the same season next year,” he was quoted as saying.

China’s Olympic hosts fear the normally bone-dry capital’s stormy August weather could put a damper on the Games, and worry that an untimely deluge could affect the opening ceremony on August 8 at the uncovered National Stadium.

Beijing, which is chronically short of water, is well practiced at firing chemical-infused rockets into clouds to prompt a much-needed downpour, but organizers concede rain prevention remains a much tougher prospect.

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