Careful believing a man is God… Sai Baba is God?

Even if you do believe a man can be a god, how can any one man be more of a god than another? Do we not all have our own inner divinity? How can it be quantified so as to say one of us is more “godlike” than another?

Over 100,000,000 people believe that Swami Sai Baba is a living “god.” I often wonder why they believe this, as I have seen no evidence that he is any more “god” than you or I.

Sai Baba uses materialization of objects to mesmerize his followers into believing that he has supernatural powers. Many of these tricks, however, are mere magician tricks and he has been caught faking them in the past.

Several families have come forth claiming that Sai Baba molested their children or exposed himself to them. The founder of Hard Rock Cafe gives millions to Sai Baba, yet his Cafe serves slaughtered cows by the millions each year. Doesn’t it seem bizarre that a man who’s business murders cows is the chief supporter of Sai Baba?

While many of us are looking for alternatives to the commonly held beliefs of our cultures, it is unfortunate that many of the alternatives aren’t held in a critical light before they are accepted.

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