9/11 Video Fakery Backlash

If we really want to understand what happened on the 11th of September, we need to be willing to approach it from unconventional angles. From what I have seen, I firmly believe that there is a significant body of evidence suggesting that video fakery was used to distract investigators from the bombs that went off during the time of the supposed “plane” impact.

Regardless of what you may believe, I hope you will take a moment to review the following videos so you can draw your own conclusions.

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Here is an interesting video comparison. In one video, you can see the plane practically diving out of the sky and into the tower, while in the other shot the plane is below the roof-line of the twin towers.

9/11 “plane” from two different cameras

Bizarre phone call reveals that OzzybinOswaldo was right. Fake 911 TV Eyewitness Gary Welz didn’t see a plane crash, and he was safe indoors with both towers collapses. So why is he registered as a 9/11 eyewitness? “It’s complicated.” Did any of the eyewitnesses interviewed on TV actually see a plane?

911 TV Eyewitness Saw No Plane: Heard “Whistling”

Here is a short clip of a 9/11 eyewitness stating that there was actually no second plane hitting the tower. Instead, he claims, it was a bomb explosion.

Eyewittness Says that there was no second plane, but instead it was a bomb

More weird images brought to us by the three letter mafia. Was the sky on 9-11 grey, clear, blue, more… orange, white or rainbowish? No two images of UA 175 come close to each other.

9/11 Video Mash-ups: Stranger Than Words

Here is an interesting video of the second “plane” which shows the compression marks around the plane as well as numerous errors.

Plane in a Box

It is interesting that a set of wings made of thin aluminum could slice through the massive steel facing of the world trade center. Its almost like one of those cartoon images…

Video of the cartoon plane hole

They didn’t hijack planes, they hijacked the airwaves! Four minutes before WTC2 exploded the terrorists were positioning the towers on screen for more… the fake plane overlay. They screwed up and even broadcast the mask layer, causing the supervisor to pull the plug and fade to black!

The Set Up – TV Fakery – 911 Octopus

Here’s an interesting video of Loose Change creator Dylan Avery screaming in order to defend his group-think. They just can’t fathom how the so-called “amateur” video could have been faked or how any of the major networks could have injected fake footage into the feeds. Honestly… it wouldn’t have been that fucking difficult.

Loose Change Protects the Perps: 911 TV Fakery Censorship

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