“More money is spent on illegal drugs than on food.” ~Ron Paul

Video: Ron Paul on Morton Downey Jr Show (part II, part III)

The purely emotional exchanges on this talk show illustrate the high levels of idiocy afflicting the American people during the late 1980’s. It is really bizarre to see the audience applauding prohibitions and booing the constitution and the due process of law.

When the Downey Show Baboons aren’t busy spewing ignorance at the top of their lungs, Dr. Paul explains quite succinctly why the “War on Drugs” empowers drug dealers to make tremendous profits and the CIA to promote illegal wars.

Paul also notes that there wasn’t a single drug law until 1914 and America was just fine up until then. It is also interesting to note that more money is spent on illegal drugs than food! The American people were apparently duped into supporting the same criminal enterprises that they thought they were fighting because prohibitions only benefit the criminal element in society.

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