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The Judge decided to file the appeal for Ed and Elaine Brown, the same appeal that he denied several months ago. I wonder what kind of a stunt he is trying to pull now.

from Ed and Elaine’s MySpace Blog
We had a call come in this morning. Sorry that I have taken so long to get this to you all…

If you have been reading the blog here then you already know that the judge filed the appeal on Ed and Elaine’s behalf.

The sources that came in today tell us that the judge realizes that he misjudged the lawfulness of the IRS and the federal income tax. Which is why he, himself (the judge mind you!), filed the appeal for the Browns’ case.

Now I myself have never heard of anything like that done before. Perhaps cheif steve can answer if that is legal or not…

Anyways… the court wants them to pay the bill for that now.

A few of us have talked about this new information and also looked up the news paper that it appear in.

[article is posted here]

you can check it out your self. (YEA!!!! She got my name right this time, Margot Sanger-Katz that is… see journalist are people too; they can learn and they make lots of mistakes… a sure sign of a human. the question i am sure some of you have just thought of is do they have souls? … I am not sure yet… i am sure some do. they must be the ones you never meet because they do not show up when you tell them to stay away. Or call every time something happens when you tell them they are liars and cheat the peoples trust AFTER you tell them you do not want to hear from them again…)

where was i?

…oh yes…

We were talking about it this morning… we know why the news paper says the judge what he did. But some of us feel that there are other reasons why he did what he did… sort of passing the buck is one. I was not one of the ones that gave the many warning IF… but I am pretty damn sure those that did will not lose focus who did what first.

What to do what to do… there is no fair trail to be had in the US these days, not for the ones that really matter.

This case will never get a fair ruling as long as the Federal Reserve has control over our government. The only reason they have not “done” something yet is because the government thinks they have control over this situation.

I read another news clip, think it was a letter to the editor type of posting… and it spoke of sending in the US Marshals to get Ed and Elaine out with out harm to the officers. those that think like that have no clue what this is really about.

They are still thinking that this is about the “TAX”. So damn clueless. When you all talk about this with others do you bring up the far reaching implications that this has?

It was said that the judge realizes that he made a mistake. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place… one side you know where the pressure is coming from. On the other you have no idea where it could come from.

ok, I want to get this out already. Margot if you are reading this, thanks for getting the name right at least in the clipping. If you are the lackey then you suck! hehe…


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