Unconstitutional ATF Gun Confiscation in Alabama

The “Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms” is now raiding individuals in North-East Alabama for the crime of exercising their inalienable 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
Bill of Rights

This is a blatant violation of their inalienable rights, by a rogue entity that is clearly operating outside of its jurisdiction. If there is any integrity left in the Judiciary, this situation should be remedied through the Federal court system.

It seems like an open and shut case to me, they have the right to form a militia, the militia’s stated aim is to protect the Constitution, they never hurt or threatened anyone. I fail to see any illegality here which could provoke the actions that were taken against them.

Notice how every time something of this sort happens, be it Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc, the ATF is in charge of the situation. They despise the Constitution and anyone who supports it and they go out of their way to make “examples” of anyone who challenges their phony jurisdiction over the American citizens.

A fact that few seem to realize, mostly due to lack of historical awareness, is the fact that the ATF is part and parcel to the IRS, which is a privately owned trust owned by foreigners, Puerto Rico Trust #62 (also see 31 USC ยง 1321). They are not part of the lawful Constitutional government of the united States of America, but are a private organization operating on behalf of interests out of London.

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ATF Raid Uncovers Explosive Grenade Stockpile
AP News

Six suspects were arrested after the ATF engaged in major explosives raids across North Alabama, shutting down a local school and recovering an arsenal of explosives.

The men, Raymond Dillard, Adam Cunningham, Bonnell Hughes, Randall Cole and James Ray McElroy were picked up in raids in Etowah, Marshall and Dekalb County.

Michael Wayne Bobo was taken into custody in Trussville after a raid at a home there.

He was in the Shelby County Jail Thursday.

Investigators believe the suspects are members of the “Free Militia”.

It’s a group that said it is ready to fight for its constitutional rights and liberties.

All suspects appeared in Federal Court Thursday after the raids.

Dillard, Cunningham, Hughs and Cole all face conspiracy to make a firearm charges.

Michael Bobo, the suspect arrested in Trussville, faces charges for possession of a firearm while being a drug addict.

Investigators said Raymond Dillard who also goes by the name Jeff Osborne, met with a informant and told him he was a member of the free militia.

Investigators said Dillard and Cole also bought empty grenade holes, filled them with explosives and stockpiled them in the Collinsville location.

All suspects are expected back in court next Tuesday.

Five Arrested In Weapons Raids
AP News

Federal and state agents arrested five men and seized firearms and explosives during a series of raids in northeast Alabama Thursday morning, including one at a camper strewn with military gear where authorities said the owner was recruiting for a militia.

Eric Kehn, a spokesman with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive, said both firearms and explosives were seized in the raids, but he declined further comment.

The five arrested will appear before a federal magistrate in Birmingham Thursday.

The five were arrested on federal warrants and the sweep included a site near Collinsville School in DeKalb County. The school was closed ahead of the raid.

At Collinsville, neighbors and friends identified one of the men arrested as Jeff Osborne, described as a former Marine in his 40s. He lives in a camper painted with green camouflage design that is full of military items, including canteens, first aid kits, canvas or nylon sacks and military garb.

Another raid was at a house off U.S. Highway 11 about a quarter-mile from Collinsville School. Officials at the school said they decided to cancel classes for about 650 students from grades kindergarten through 12 because of the swarm of police vehicles.

DeKalb Sheriff Jimmy Harris said the ATF recommended dismissing classes for safety reasons.

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