BATF/IRS — Criminal Fraud

William Cooper | CAJI News Service

The powers of the Federal government of the united States of America are clearly enumerated in the Constitution. It is strictly forbidden to have a direct tax that is un-apportioned.

If the Federal government legitimately possessed the power to lay a direct un-apportioned tax, then there would be no need for a Constitution because the government could tax whomever they pleased, at whatever rate they demand and have powers that extend beyond its Constitutional limitations.

“The Congress shall have Power to Lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excise, to Pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States”

– The Constitution for the United States of America,
Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 1.

” No Capitation or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration hereinbefore directed to be taken.”

– The Constitution for the United States of America,
Article 1, Section 9, paragraph 4. Continue reading BATF/IRS — Criminal Fraud

Unconstitutional ATF Gun Confiscation in Alabama

The “Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms” is now raiding individuals in North-East Alabama for the crime of exercising their inalienable 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
Bill of Rights

This is a blatant violation of their inalienable rights, by a rogue entity that is clearly operating outside of its jurisdiction. If there is any integrity left in the Judiciary, this situation should be remedied through the Federal court system.

It seems like an open and shut case to me, they have the right to form a militia, the militia’s stated aim is to protect the Constitution, they never hurt or threatened anyone. I fail to see any illegality here which could provoke the actions that were taken against them.

Notice how every time something of this sort happens, be it Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc, the ATF is in charge of the situation. They despise the Constitution and anyone who supports it and they go out of their way to make “examples” of anyone who challenges their phony jurisdiction over the American citizens. Continue reading Unconstitutional ATF Gun Confiscation in Alabama

Debugging 9/11: DrDebug’s Analysis

source: review of Who Killed John O’Neill

This is the 9/11 hypothesis which was based on Who Killed John O’Neill and the reason for giving it a 5 star rating. ~dr. debug

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In 1986 Paul Bremer was appointed Ambassador-at-Large for Counterterrorism and started to develop all kinds of plans with possible terrorists events. Even though the plans appear to have been created to prevent terrorism there is also the likelyhood that they were created for false flag terrorist events. Paul Bremer has extensive connections to the neo- conversatives, Henry Kissinger and in 1999 he becomes chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism and also joins the board of directors at Marsh Inc.

He describes his time at National Commission on Terrorism as follows in an interview at the Heritage foundation: “catastrophic terrorism … in the event of a catastrophic attack … tens of thousands of casualties, where the American people are going to be screaming for a response, that a President is going to want to consider using the military in some fashion … the example we use is Pearl Harbor …” Since Paul Bremer has made many similar remarks, there is reason to assume that he was one of the chief architects of 9/11.
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Why Liberals Hate Libertarians

Sumit Dahiya |

I get my daily dose of sarcasm and humor by watching late night shows like The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Real Time with Bill Maher. The Republicans in D.C have provided the writers of these comedy shows with reams of material to provide America with its fair share of late-night laughter. Hidden among the usual targets of Liberal wrath are the vulnerable but principled Libertarians like Dr. Ron Paul, who are made to look like druggies who want to sell off America’s poor to the “evil corporations.” The treatment that Liberals afford on Libertarians makes me wonder why Liberals hate Libertarians.

Dr. Paul made an appearance on Bill Maher’s show on Friday March 30th, 2007. When I saw his name on Bill’s guest list, I was ecstatic because no mainstream media body has so far given any coverage (except for a short mention on the Fox News ticker) to this person who I consider America’s last hope. My fervor was subdued after I realized that Bill stereotyped Dr. Paul to be just another “Lincoln-hating pro-corporation thug.” Continue reading Why Liberals Hate Libertarians

Fifty Percent of World’s Languages Have Been Lost in Last Six Years

If you’re as concerned as I am about the environment and how it impacts your health, chances are good you might’ve missed a huge cultural shift.

This absolutely fascinating video lecture by a very articulate Harvard anthropologist tells you how we are losing our heritage.

By Professor Davis’ estimate, about half of the world’s 6,000 languages are disappearing, as they are no longer being taught to children, meaning the origins of our world, ethnicity and spiritual life — what he calls the ethnosphere — are vanishing. Continue reading Fifty Percent of World’s Languages Have Been Lost in Last Six Years

Presidential Candidate: U.S. In Danger of Dictatorship

Congressman Ron Paul warns elite believe they own us and are “always prepared” to take our liberties

Steve Watson & Alex Jones |
Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Presidential candidate Ron Paul has warned that the US is now at a crisis point because the people have been so neglectful of protecting their liberties and big government has been so effective in eroding them. He warned that the elite are prepared to concoct events to scare the American people and asserted that the 2008 Presidential election is a contest between the people who care about their freedoms and those who are willing to succumb to the temptations of dictatorship. Continue reading Presidential Candidate: U.S. In Danger of Dictatorship

Sugar: Major Factor For Cancer

Dr. Joseph Mercola |

A major European study has found that women with high blood sugar levels are at an increased risk of developing cancer.

High blood sugar levels can be caused by eating too much sugary food, and also by disease conditions such as diabetes.

The study, which looked at 64,500 people over the course of 13 years, linked high blood sugar with cancers of the pancreas, skin, womb, and urinary tract. High blood sugar was also linked to breast cancer for women under 49. Continue reading Sugar: Major Factor For Cancer

Yellow Journalism: “Wipe Israel off the Map” Hoax Continues to be Used by MSM

U.S. media talking heads continue to use the, already thoroughly debunked, “wipe Israel off the map” phrase, when they want to demonize Mohammed Ahmadinejad, or the Iranian people in general.

video: Ahmadinejad DID NOT threaten to “wipe Israel off the map.”

This phrase was frequently used during the Iranian hostage standoff and it was also used on one of the episodes of The View, when Rosie O’Donnell (god forbid) openly defended a non-Zionist stance on the middle eastern situation.

Each time the mainstream media utilizes this hoax, they further diminish what little credibility remained, bringing their credibility just below the supermarket tabloid level at this point. It is astonishing that so many Americans still believe this lie and use it to fuel their hatred of Iran, a nation that has done absolutely nothing to the United States of America.

These so-called journalistic “professionals” should be ashamed of themselves, for putting words into someones mouth, for attempting to falsely influence public opinion, for promoting senseless hatred and for taking the side of the blood-thirsty Zionists on nearly EVERY issue. Indeed, they are bought and paid for by the Israeli lobby, and few in the west seem to take issue with it enough to tune out.

Louis Pasteur And the Myth of Pasteurization

source: Wellness directory of Minnesota

If you surf the web, no doubt you will find dozens of web sites singing the praises of Louis Pasteur.

Here is something we found at:

If one were to choose among the greatest benefactors of humanity, Louis Pasteur would certainly rank at the top. He solved the mysteries of rabies, anthrax, chicken cholera, and silkworm diseases, and contributed to the development of the first vaccines. He debunked the widely accepted myth of spontaneous generation, thereby setting the stage for modern biology and biochemistry. He described the scientific basis for fermentation, wine-making, and the brewing of beer. Pasteur’s work gave birth to many branches of science, and he was singlehandedly responsible for some of the most important theoretical concepts and practical applications of modern science.

Pasteur’s achievements seem wildly diverse at first glance, but a more in-depth look at the evolution of his career indicates that there is a logical order to his discoveries. He is revered for possessing the most important qualities of a scientist: the ability to survey all the known data and link the data for all possible hypotheses, the patience and drive to conduct experiments under strictly controlled conditions, and the brilliance to uncover the road to the solution from the results. Continue reading Louis Pasteur And the Myth of Pasteurization

Going to Babylon by Cadillac

Was San Diego US Attorney fired for knowing too much?

March 8 2007
by Daniel Hopsicker

The Randy Cunningham “Hookergate” Scandal is not the first prostitution scandal involving close relatives of indicted defense contractor Brent Wilkes, The MadCowMorningNews has learned.

Brent Wilkes brother, Gregory Wilkes, managed the finances of The Wilkes Foundation, which was suspended by the State of California after failing to file financial statements for three years in a row. Continue reading Going to Babylon by Cadillac