Joe Scarborough’s Clowns Harass and Threaten Rosie O’Donnell for Thoughtcrime

Joe Scarborough: Media ClownEver since Rosie O’Donnell went public on The View with her views on: 9/11 conspiracy, U.S. media manipulation and the captured British soldiers, she has been relentlessly smeared by Joe Scarborough and his associates.

Video: Joe Scarborough and his side-show circus express their ignorance

Scarborough has done everything possible to distract from the real issues. Instead of responding with facts and reason, he simply throws accusations at Rosie O’Donnell and executive producer Barbara Walters, him and his cronies repeatedly state that “Rosie should be fired,” “something has to be done” and “this cannot be allowed to continue.”

Danny Bonaduce, the washed out fossil from the Partridge Family, went ahead and showed his ass on the show when he called for Rosie O’Donnell to be hung by the neck and accused her of high treason, simply for stating what she believed. He also said that she “will not be tolerated” and that Rosie is “offering aid and comfort to the enemy.” Continue reading Joe Scarborough’s Clowns Harass and Threaten Rosie O’Donnell for Thoughtcrime

Court Rediscovers 2nd Amendment, Liberals Fear Other ‘Rights’ May Soon be Found

Mac Johnson |

Tragedy struck leftists all across America last week when a federal appeals court reviewing the District of Columbia’s handgun ban, ruled that the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed upon by the District. The court’s inexplicable ruling was based on a “radical” interpretation of the recently rediscovered 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which reads:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

According to the Washington Post, which upon hearing of the decision had a small editorial seizure it called “A Dangerous Ruling,” the court’s plain reading of the Bill of Rights has given “a new and dangerous meaning to the 2nd Amendment.” Apparently, when the Post reads the amendment according to the ancient and safe interpretation (which goes all the way back to the 1970s) all it sees is:

The Population of the nanny State, being composed of irresponsible rednecks, rejects, and retards, must not be allowed to have Arms.

“[T]his radical ruling will inevitably mean more people killed and wounded as keeping guns out of the city becomes harder,” the Post continued, sagely foreseeing a day in the near future when the district might not be the safe gunfree enclave of sanity that it now is. One wonders if D.C. might someday even become the murder capital of the United States without its protective cloak of gun control disarming its law-abiding citizens. Continue reading Court Rediscovers 2nd Amendment, Liberals Fear Other ‘Rights’ May Soon be Found

Ron Paul: Presidential candidate who truly loves freedom and liberty.

Plainly put, the Honorable Ron Paul is America’s last hope for a nonviolent end to the oppressive and suicidal policies that have been set in motion in the last few generations by leaders who amount to little more than glorified demagogues. He is a congressman from Galveston, Texas who has proven his regard for the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and his love of the founding principles upon which these United States are built upon.

He has recently announced that he is running for President in the 2008 elections, he will be running in the Republican primaries so that he can, perhaps, get a chance at the Oval Office. If you are not familiar with him, I hope you will take a minute to review a few short talks by Congressman Paul. I think you will see, as many others have, that he is a fine statesman and a natural leader. Continue reading Ron Paul: Presidential candidate who truly loves freedom and liberty.

Drugs and Doctors May be the Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

By Joseph Mercola, D.O. |

At one time, the main title of my Web site read:
Doctors are the Third leading Cause of Death

Many of you reading this have read or seen this in many places other than my Web site. This article, available on my home page, was widely circulated on the Internet and was one of the reasons why my Web site was initially popular. What you may not realize is that I am the one who made this analysis and popularized it. The original study was published by Dr. Starfield, a full professor of public health at the most prestigious hospital in the United States, Johns Hopkins. Her study never had the headline in it, but instead listed the published research documenting the various causes of deaths that doctors contributed to. I simply added them all up and compared them to cardiovascular diseases and cancer and came up with the above headline, which was widely circulated on the Internet.

Interestingly, when I contacted Dr. Starfield by e-mail she disagreed with the headline I had come up with. She did not feel that doctors were the third leading cause of death, but thought they were the number one cause of death because of their failure to inform their patients about the truth of health. Now this might be a bit too harsh as even if people understand health truth they have freedom of choice and can choose to use sugar, soda and drugs (legal and illegal) to compromise their health and longevity.
Continue reading Drugs and Doctors May be the Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

The discovery of DNA variability, holographic blueprints and the symphony of life

source: by Mike Adams |

Announced with great fanfare in late November, 2006, scientists have discovered that human DNA is far more variable than previously thought. Contrary to previous beliefs, as much as 10 percent of human genes vary wildly from one person to the next. The mainstream press is hailing the discovery and some sort of breakthrough that will shed light on so-called “incurable” diseases and give researchers the ability to create more targeted medicines. (There’s always a pro-Pharma slant in the mainstream media isn’t there?) In reality, this new DNA discovery explains why most pharmaceuticals don’t work for most people.

More importantly, this discovery humbles us, and shows us that even our top scientists know less about human DNA than they once thought. Researching DNA is a lot like researching astronomy: the more we learn, the less we realize we know. It’s as if every newly discovered fact unveils the existence of ten new questions we never knew existed.

The mainstream media, in its usual limited view, is reporting this discovery as a breakthrough that will help scientists develop new drugs to treat disease. Every “Eureka!” moment having anything to do with the genetic code seems to lead the mainstream media to the same advertiser-pleasing conclusion, but they haven’t even begun to realize the big story here. The real news in this discovery, you see, has nothing to do with pharmaceuticals or even medical science. It is larger and more profound than any of us could have possibly imagined. Continue reading The discovery of DNA variability, holographic blueprints and the symphony of life

Love You to Death

Can’t really sleep tonight, so I figure I’ll jot down some late-night thoughts and share a song. A song which brings out thoughts that are often hidden away beneath the surface. Indeed, I have found certain songs from this artist to cause great periods of reflection and contemplation.

Video: Love You to Death by Type O Negative

In her place one hundred candles burning – as salty sweat drips
from her breast
her hips move and i can feel what they’re saying – swaying
they say the beast inside of me is gonna get ya – get ya get –

Black lipstick stains – her glass of red wine – i am your servant
may i light your cigarette
those lips smooth yeah i can feel what you’re saying – praying
they say the beast inside of me is gonna get ya – get ya get –
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Mena Connection: Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, Drug smuggling

The drug smuggling activities tie to the highest levels of the government of the United States. Intelligence agencies such as the CIA utilize the money from drug and arms trafficking to fund clandestine operations that are not supervised by the congress.

See Also:

  • New World Odor

    Interview with 7-term Idaho congressman George V. Hansen which uncovers the CIA drug smuggling activities in South America as well as the giveaway of the Panama Canal to the Communist Chinese.

  • Bush-Cheney Drug Empire

    Mike Ruppert details the drug activity that he uncovered in his ground-breaking investigations.

Living Our Life Without Escape

Many of us spend a significant portion of our available time amusing ourselves with any number of entertainment escapes, most notably video games, internet surfing and television.

Entertainment activities, such as these, often cause the participant to avoid interactive activities, which are generally more physically engaging. Such activities also tend to lead the participant towards spending most of their available time amusing themselves, as opposed to accomplishing something that will benefit them over the long-run.

For many years I have observed the effects of entertainment obsession and contemplated the long-term effects of taking this path. Each time I considered the possibilities, I confirmed to myself that it is not possible to reach one’s potential if they are forever a spectator in their life and not an actual participant blazing a new path for themselves. Continue reading Living Our Life Without Escape

The New World Odor

This video is an in-depth discussion between the Honorable George V. Hansen, 7-term Congressman from Idaho and radio and TV talk show host Anthony J. Hilder.

In their discussion they detail how the Communist Chinese government gained great influence over the United States of America in recent years. It has much to do with the turning over of the Panama Canal to the Communist Chinese.

The Panamanian government, who had previously taken large loans from the international bankers, was being pressured to repay. When the Panama Canal was turned over to the Panamanian government, they essentially sold it to COSCO. Continue reading The New World Odor