Paradigm Shift: Exponential Rate of Change

I am starting to wonder if the western world, once the center of innovation, cultural and technological change, can remain at the high level of prosperity that it has enjoyed for the past few decades.

The people of the western world need to become resourceful if they are to survive and prosper in the coming age. I believe that it will take much more resourcefulness than this people currently possesses.

The talents of the intelligentsia of Eastern nations such as China and India vastly eclipse the talents of the intelligentsia of the United States and Europe. Only the brightest among the westerners will be able to keep up with the staggering amount of information that is being generated on a daily basis, as this information will continue to be generated at an ever-greater rate as time progresses.

This is how the Way (Tao) keeps all things in harmony and brings the unbridled expression of novelty, once again, to center stage.

Brace yourselves, friends; we are about to experience a shift of unparalleled dimension. The worthy and the prepared among us will experience great prosperity in the coming age, while the ill-prepared and ignorant will experience an ever-increasing string of inexplicable catastrophes.

Be prepared to shed old ways, even if they may not seem old; the exponential changes that are to occur will quickly obsolete (often within a matter of months) the things that we have learned.

Don’t be left behind; embrace novelty as if it were your life’s blood. Stay ever-vigilant in your struggle to remain aware in a world that is changing faster with each passing day.

I feel very strongly that the remainder of our lives will be a series of 6-sigma events, in the grander scheme of things. This time period will be looked at, in retrospect, as one of the most pivotal and meaningful periods of human existence.

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3 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift: Exponential Rate of Change”

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