US Military Attempt Arrest of Vice President Cheney, 3 Reported Dead

Finally we have soldiers who are attempting to uphold their oath. Soldiers who truly believe that the Constitution of the United States of America should be defended against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Cheney should be arrested, brought before a special tribunal and executed for crimes against his own people (9/11) and crimes against humanity. He is assuredly one of the most despicable men ever to sit in a prestigious office. His prestige, however, will not save him from divine justice.

Sorcha Faal |

Russian FSB sources are reporting today that an attempt by Special Forces Troops of the United States Military to arrest the American Vice President Cheney shortly after boarding his official plane in Australia has resulted in at least 3 dead and an unknown number of wounded.
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Paradigm Shift: Exponential Rate of Change

I am starting to wonder if the western world, once the center of innovation, cultural and technological change, can remain at the high level of prosperity that it has enjoyed for the past few decades.

The people of the western world need to become resourceful if they are to survive and prosper in the coming age. I believe that it will take much more resourcefulness than this people currently possesses.

The talents of the intelligentsia of Eastern nations such as China and India vastly eclipse the talents of the intelligentsia of the United States and Europe. Only the brightest among the westerners will be able to keep up with the staggering amount of information that is being generated on a daily basis, as this information will continue to be generated at an ever-greater rate as time progresses. Continue reading Paradigm Shift: Exponential Rate of Change

Without Unity

The masters of old attained unity with the Tao. Heaven attained unity and became pure. The earth attained unity and found peace. The spirits attained unity so they could minister. The valleys attained unity that they might be full. Humanity attained unity that they might flourish. Their leaders attained unity that they might set the example. This is the power of unity.

Without unity, the sky becomes filthy. Without unity, the earth becomes unstable. Without unity, the spirits become unresponsive and disappear. Without unity, the valleys become dry as a desert. Without unity, human kind can’t reproduce and becomes extinct. Without unity, our leaders become corrupt and fall.

The great view the small as their source, and the high takes the low as their foundation. Their greatest asset becomes their humility. They speak of themselves as orphans and widows, thus they truly seek humility. Do not shine like the precious gem, but be as dull as a common stone.

~tao te ching