Every fool, he is broken beneath the same unholy curse

The past, as we understand it, is a collection of lies. These lies have been passed down from generation to generation. With each successive generation, what little truth the people are aware of becomes diluted, time and ignorance envelop and dis-integrate the remaining vestiges of compassion and understanding. So we’ve reached a point, in this great cycle of being, where the truth is so diluted that we haven’t the foggiest idea who we are or where we are going.

Now the past is untrue and this breath is a lie
And the sun is an emptiness that burns through the sky
And this ground it’ll slide down, down into the sea
And when this body dies, no man will breath one word
Of ignorance for me
So bury your trust beneath the ground with me
And lay your loneliness down for the sun to consume

Now the earth bleeds cold water in my open hands
But their bodies bleed poison and they swallow the sand
And we’ll walk to the river where we’ll die of a thirst
And my fate, it’s no question: every fool he is broken
Beneath the same unholy curse
So bury your love beneath the ground with me
And lay your loneliness down for the sun to burn to sand


The idea of careful self-cultivation has become a mere vestige to our people. Deeply contrived thoughts, contemplation and careful study are ridiculed and basically ignored by most people. They who find themselves intrigued by these things are few and far between; they tend to live solitary lives and have few others with which to share their intrigues.

If only there were a few more thoughtfully engaged people, we might just be able to decipher the ancient codes and re-build our world; resurrecting the will to achieve high levels of mastery in the arts and sciences.

Many great monuments such as, the Sphinx, Khufu’s Pyramid Complex, The Mayan Pyramids and Stonehenge, are here to remind us of our true past. The societies which created these monuments were determined to understand the universe; they possessed a keen understanding of the physical and spiritual world.

The ancients wanted to preserve their sciences and arts for tens of thousands of years; the Mayan Calendar and the passage-way to the king’s chamber in the Great Pyramid are prime examples of the understanding the ancients possessed of the cycles of consciousness on Earth. The ancients knew that the human psyche ebbs and flows in cycles, and that every society would, one day, dis-integrate and become a forgotten relic.

The time has come for the end of this age, and the beginning of a new one. On December 21, 2012, Earth, Sun and Gallactic Center will be aligned and the end of the Mayan Calendar will have been reached. As the Mayans showed in their calendar, the end of the age brings about great changes in the minds of people. If we look within for the answers to the great questions that are going to be posed, we are likely to survive this great transition and become a people as great as our ancestors.

If we look to outside forces, such as governments, churches and marble institutions, we will fail to reach the level of understanding required for the new age. This is because any true spiritual advancement requires that we let go of attachments to materialism and purify our intentions.

Gravitate forever towards your center and discard the parts of yourself which seek to deter you from a life of disciplined self-cultivation. If you do so, nothing can stop you from reaching a high level of enlightenment.

Enlightenment is one of those things that can be forever reached at, yet never attained so as to posses it. Such things are not meant to be possessed and held like most things we are used to. Enlightenment, like our selves, forever remains incomplete.

Looking and yet not seeing it
We thus call it “elusive.”
Listening and yet not hearing it
We call it “inaudible.”
Groping and yet not getting it
We thus call it “intangible.”
Because in sight, sound, and touch it is beyond determination
We construe it as inseperably one.

As for this “one”—
Its surface is not dazzling
Nor is its underside dark.
Ever so tangled, it defies descrimination
And reverts again to indeterminancy.
This is what is called the form of the formless
And the image of indeterminacy.
This is what is called the vague and the indefinite.

Following behind you will not see its rear;
Encountering it you will not see its head.

Hold tightly onto way-making in the present
To manage what is happening right now
And to understand where it began in the distant past.
This is what is called the drawstring of way-making.

~Tao Te Ching – Chapter XIV

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