A Different Drum

With all that is going on in the world today, we often find ourselves overwhelmed and confused. It is often difficult to decide what the thrust of our existence is to be in each moment. Many of the things that we discover are meant to do just that; this is why it is important to step back for a moment and re-discover the divinity within ourselves.

Journeys of re-discovery tend to begin with a trigger of some sort. It can be be triggered by a work of art such as a musical album or painting, an encounter with another and even a trip into nature. Regardless of the triggering event, it is important that we break familiar patterns in search of a new angle on things.

In my life, I have recently begun a re-discovery; one which was triggered by a variety of occurrences that have been happening lately. It started last weekend when a friend and I decided to take a trip to the foothills and do some hiking; this is something that I hadn’t done in months, so it was a truly invigorating experience.

We walked through nature, through all of the poison ivy and rosebushes, blazing our own path, working our way up to the top of a foothill overlooking the city. It was fascinating to see the many facets of nature; all of the things which are there for our enjoyment.

While most of our lives are a monotonous routine, repeated day after day, a new quest can awaken one’s thirst for re-discovery and redefine one’s relationship to themselves and others. Ever since I began this process, I’ve had a creative boost and a desire to tear down the old and rebuild from scratch; rebuilding with a solid foundation that was not built upon the pillars of indiscretion.

I have a difficult time figuring out why this degenerate civilization, one which has enveloped the entirety of this beautiful planet, has chosen to enthrall themselves in rote and ritual to such an extent that many of them fail to see one another as living beings. One can avoid the trap by realizing it as mere rote and ritual, which is an utter lack of compassion. The shedding of indiscretions is essential if we are to truly walk a new path and bring about a new reality.

I am confident that each of us possesses the ability to change ourselves, no matter how set we are in our routines. Let us use our intellect and creativity to forever alter the face of existence rather than the traditional method of fear and violence. When a significant number of us refuse to cooperate with the systems of fear and violence, we will start to see changes in society at large. The time has come for us to walk to the beat of a different drum.

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