Breaking of the fast: the feeling begins

The fast was broken on Tuesday night. After seeing that my body temperature seemed to be dropping I decided to end earlier than planned. Four days is, however, not a bad length of time for a fast. This is, undoubtedly, one of the most powerful life changing experiences I’ve ever had.

The fasting experience has taught me a variety of lessons about human nature as well as the workings of the physical body. After such an experience, one cannot help but be attuned to the needs of their body; I have no doubt that cellular detoxification and digestive cleansing are the keys to living a long and healthy life in a youthful state.

The mind/body/spirit complex simply does not have any other method of staying youthful. If one fails to still their racing mind with meditation, eat the proper food combinations, fast regularly with colonics and/or enimas, and drink primarily purified water, then it is very difficult to avoid the chronic diseases which plague the modern world.

With the body cleansed of so many accumulated toxins and the mind purified of self-absorbed egos of desire, It feels like the next great journey is beginning.

This is a spiritual journey; I have no expectations as to where it will lead for I know that the purification of mind, body and spirit leads to oneness with the cosmos and thence to the purification of others driven by loving compassion.

What more can we do to create a better world? A better world starts with each and every one of us.

Now that the rate of change has accellerated to the point that it has, it is time for each and every one of us to make a choice. Are we going to continue being driven by mindless pre-ordained ritual or are we going to hear the loving compassion within ourself?

tool – flood

Here comes the water.

All I knew and all I believed
are crumbling images
that no longer comfort me.
I scramble to reach higher ground,
some order and sanity,
or something to comfort me.

So I take what is mine,and hold what is mine,
suffocate what is mine, and bury what’s mine.
Soon the water will come
and claim what is mine.
I must leave it behind,
and climb to a new place now.

This ground is not the rock I thought it to be.

Thought I was high, and free.
I thought I was there
divine destiny.

I was wrong.
This changes everything.

The water is rising up on me.
Thought the sun would come deliver me,
but the truth has come to punish me instead.

The ground is breaking down right under me.
Cleanse and purge me
in the water.

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