Clyde Prestowitz recently warned that the United States may soon head into a crisis on the same proportion as the “Great Depression.”

Danger signs of global crisis


Author and member of former President Ronald Reagan’s administration Clyde Prestowitz says the United States is “being completely irresponsible” with its growing budget deficit, which spells a crisis bigger than the Great Depression, unless it takes charge. HARDEV KAUR writes. “I AM less worried about Malaysia than the US,” Clyde Prestowitz, author of Three Billion New Capitalists: The Great Shift of Wealth and Power to the East said.

The US, the world’s greatest consumer, the world’s largest economy and the only driver of world economic growth, “was being completely irresponsible” and endangering the world economy.

Clyde, who was in Kuala Lumpur recently, suggested that perhaps America may consider “outsourcing management of the US economy to Asia”.

It is not as simple as blaming China, India and other Southeast Asian economies for the woes of the American economy. Prestowitz, who took a year to complete the book, points out that it involves the US government’s failure to develop and promote a clear industrial policy.

It is time American administrators and policy makers woke up to the fact that the world has changed. What worked for the US previously will not work in the future. Washington must be prepared for a new world that is very competitive, aggressive and well educated.

In the book, which covers China, India and Russia with a combined population of three billion pursuing market economies, he argues that these “new capitalists” will give Americans a new perspective and a run for their money.

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