Dead Can Dance – American Dreaming

I need my conscience to keep watch over me
To protect me from myself
So I can wear honesty like a crown on my head
When I walk into the promised land
We’ve been too long American dreaming
And I think we all lost the way
Forlorn somnambulistic maniacal in the dark
I’m in love with an American girl
Though she’s my best friend
I love her surreptitious smile
That hides the feelings within her
And we’ll go dancing in the rings of laughter
And live along by the shores Continue reading Dead Can Dance – American Dreaming

Peter Gabriel: The Power of the Heart

This is a beautiful live performance of The Power of the Heart by Peter Gabriel, with the New Blood Orchestra.

You and me we sweat and strain
You look for sun and I look for rain
We’re different people, we’re not the same
The power of the sun
I looked for treetops, you looked for caps
Above the water, where the waves snap back
I flew around the world to bring you back
Ahh, the power of the heart Continue reading Peter Gabriel: The Power of the Heart

Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the History of Population, Property and Wealth

Hans-Hermann Hoppe gives a great mind-dump of his wisdom on the history of economics, population, wealth and property.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, “From the Malthusian Trap to the Industrial Revolution”

A speech given in May 2009 to the fourth annual conference of the Property and Freedom Society at the Hotel Karia Princess in Bodrum, Turkey.
Video shot and edited by Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance.